Translation of blab in Spanish:


descubrir el pastel, v.

Pronunciation /blæb/ /blab/

intransitive verb blabbing, blabbed, blabbed

  • 1

    (reveal secrets)
    descubrir el pastel informal
    levantar la liebre
    levantar la perdiz River Plate
    (intentionally) soplar informal
    (intentionally) chivarse Spain informal
    • She can't go blabbing out secrets after the third round of drinks.
    • Apparently, he had blabbed out to the whole school that Sean was my boyfriend.
    • That's how long it had been since he'd blabbed about the whole movie theater incident.
    • Get in the car, or we'll blab to the whole school, and your brother.
    • I wont go blabbing your secrets around the school and I won't tell your guardians,’ he smiled.
    • If I stand trial, they will put me under a truth potion, and I will blab all kinds of secrets… including yours.
    • There are going to be a few appearances that night, but I think they're sort of secret so I won't blab.
    • She had blabbed to the whole world about what he pulled on the boys.
    • Public servants are obliged to consider whether or not they are blabbing a government secret on a constant basis.
    • When officials blabbed to reporters and anyone who would listen, they didn't realize that they were aiding and abetting an elaborate ploy to stick it to the CIA.
    • The Appeals Court canned him for blabbing to the press, and threw him off the case, but decided that his verdict hadn't been tainted by bias.
    • But tell him I want this handled by people who are reliable, who won't go blabbing to the press.
    • My tot's secret was blabbed by her nursery nurse.
    • There has been a notable level of professionalism about the case, with none of the usual media leaks and no members blabbing too much to get some TV airtime.
    • So go on kids - find yourself a nice juicy secret and blab it all over the place.
    • Okay, it doesn't matter, but don't go blabbing about this to the whole world, okay?
    • Who do you think would have blabbed about it to the whole school first?
    • I don't know what you know, but, for once, can you not do the sneaky thing, and blab it to the whole world, or post it on your evil blog, or whatever.
    • Not long ago one constituent flipped out and started blabbing to the feds and the press.
    • He thought that he could control the story, yet failed to spot one vital element: unless he blabbed, there was no story.
  • 2

    parlotear informal
    cotorrear informal
    • They blab on about this header and that corner, about free kicks, fouls, yellow cards, and sendings off and about players being offside.
    • These guys know how to write a catchy tune, but, occasionally, his lyrics tend to blab on about the typical whiny stuff too much.
    • But anyways, I don't really want to blab on and on.
    • I've never apologized to him for all the things I did, never thanked him for listening to me blab on about what was wrong.
    • The couple proceeded to blab on and on about wedding plans.
    • So let the pundits blab on and on about the flavonols and the serotonin production and the endorphins released while eating it.
    • Instantly, as if he pressed a ‘talk’ button, I started blabbing without taking a breath.
    • As he blabbed and blabbed I started to daydream.
    • Otherwise he would keep blabbing away about story, character, acting, drawing, all the while demonstrating with great sketches.
    • ‘I must say I didn't expect you to be here for this crime,’ he blabbed.
    • Cassie was blabbing about being able to pick locks.
    • Hunter blabbed the whole way to his house, about this and that, about his classes and how he was upset that I wasn't in any of them.
    • The two of them blabbed the whole night, making it impossible for me to watch television.
    • Rave and Rose are sitting in the back of the class while the teacher blabs on about vampires.
    • Wihout any further blabbing from me, please put your hands together for our special guests this evening!
    • Chris can you stop blabbing and get to the point?
    • Anyway, I should probably stop blabbing and get to work…
    • Do you realize I've been blabbing away here for almost two hours?
    • But there's a difference between sharing and blabbing.
    • The average home user won't know, and even if you tried to explain it to him, he probably wouldn't care any more than you'd care about some guy blabbing on about washing machines.

transitive verb blabbing, blabbed, blabbed

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    to blab sth to sb soplarle algo a algn