Translation of blabber in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈblæbər/ /ˈblabə/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • How can you understand what he's blabbering about unless you remember the point from before?
    • He is 2 months from turning two, and he's already blabbering away like a toddler.
    • Go for this drive and I guarantee you will be blabbering about it for at least five days.
    • Personally, I thought he blabbered on without establishing the rationale for his so-called policy initiatives, other than in sweeping feel-good ideological terms.
    • He blabbered, he purposely misunderstood you, he made terrifying jokes.
    • She blabbered on as usual when she is nervous, her words tumbling over each other.
    • That's because once the balls stop bouncing, the mouths start blabbering, providing precious grist for the league's rumor mill.
    • ‘And the teacher was so nice,’ she keeps blabbering, ‘what's his name again?’
    • Every time a politician gets in front of the media, they immediately start blabbering on about how they're going to fix corruption, rebuild the community, or something equally pointless.
    • You call in the dead hours of the morning and start blabbering on about all this stuff?
    • And he went on blabbering and blabbering, yakety, yakety, yak…
    • So, remember the other day when I was blabbering about how I made a CD to help me sort of zone out when trying to achieve an out-of-body experience?
    • But as you see I am blabbering on, so let me get back on track.
    • Sometimes my mouth just takes on a life of it's own and starts blabbering about something and by the time my brain's caught up I have no idea what I've gotten myself into.
    • All right, I will stop blabbering so you can read the story.
    • Taylor gave up hope, realising that Simone wasn't going to give up until she was done blabbering about her date from last night.
    • He blabbers out nervously, ‘Well I better get out of here and go to sleep.’
    • Romeo and Juliet is definitely unrealistic in my opinion, but I will stop now, otherwise I will just blabber on about why I think it's not too good.
    • Everyone stared, expecting her to go on, blabber on, but she didn't.
    • Instead he just made some intelligent statements, and let his boss blabber on and on repeating himself endlessly.