Traducción de black en Español:


negro, adj.

Pronunciación /blæk/ /blak/

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adjetivo blacker, blackest

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (dress/car/hair/ink) negro
      (sky) oscuro
      (sky) negro
      black cloud nubarrón
      • I flicked the switch and everything went black le di al interruptor y se quedó todo a oscuras
      • her arms were black with bruises tenía los brazos llenos de moretones / cardenales
      • The first attacker was 6ft tall with short blond hair and was wearing black trousers and a white T-shirt.
      • Bundles of chemical sticks lay ready to be burnt in it, some making black smoke and some white.
      • The video showed a white truck exploding and black plumes of smoke billowing into the air.
      • The first girl, with short black hair and a light, kind sounding voice scampered up to her.
      • Her hair looked almost black in the dim light, but I later found out it was just a sort of dark brown.
      • The door suddenly swung open and a tall man with short black hair and light brown eyes was staring at me.
      • He had dark coloured hair and was wearing black jeans and white runners.
      • Long wavy black hair and light blue eyes created a contrast that was breathtaking.
      • He had blond hair and was wearing a light coloured jacket, white trousers and black shoes.
      • It is coloured golden brown above and white below with a black stripe down the sides of its neck.
      • There's no need for our older buildings to remain grey, black and white. Colour is good.
      • He has white hair and a black suit and a watch chain across his meagre belly.
      • I wore a white blouse and a black skirt and I pinned my hair back with a hair pin.
      • The dashboard glows red and white against its black background.
      • I quickly strip out of my crisp black suit and dash in the bathroom for a quick shower.
      • These men are wearing suits or their coolest black club clothes on a cold evening in November.
      • Some chose to outline their sketch with permanent black marker before adding the color.
      • In a shallow depression of granite, I noticed what appeared to be a large black insect.
      • She looked down at the black kitten, and started to pet its head, as it began to purr.
      • Smoothing the mane of her black stallion, she can hear the sigh of her friend.
      • I can see the stars and the sky and the moon and the black sky revolving overhead.
      • There were no trees overhead, so he was exposed to the full power of the dark clouds, barely visible in the now black sky.
      • Sasha looked up and saw a black sky spotted with stars through the spaces in between the trees.
      • The sky was black as night and the waves of flames from the oceans licked at the sandy shores.
      • He lay suspended in the sky of a black night, a night without stars, without moon.
      • The sky was black and moonless; the night of the new moon the most terrifying time of the month in these parts.
      • It had gotten a lot darker and the sky was completely black except with the assortment of stars.
      • It was a drawing of the black night sky, dotted with tiny yellow stars.
      • It is so very cold and pretty up here, close to space where the sky is black and I can see the stars.
      • The black sky stretched out above her, its hundreds of stars twinkling beneath the wavering light.
      • The moon shone brightly overhead and millions of stars twinkled in the velvety black sky.
      • I knew right now that it was around noon, even though the sky was black as midnight.
      • Realization was finally beginning to dawn on him like a sunrise after an inky black night.
      • Also, flying closely with it was a mottled vision of a bird, almost invisible against the black night sky.
      • Failing that, I might turn off all the lights in the house and stand right in front of the window, staring out into the black night.
      • In Buffalo the rain is pouring down, the sky is black and storm/flood warnings abound.
      • Pulling out of the office car park, the sky was black, the rain was pouring and the sun was shining.
      • When the rain came the sky was black, there was thunder and lightning and even a brief hail storm.
      • Late winter snow storms had plastered the hills and the sky was black with threat.
      • And the image of that bright blue globe lost in black space is spinning in your mind right now, isn't it?

    • 1.2(dirty)

      • The workers are black with dirt and perspiration that the four fans on the ceiling do not dry.
      • The walls and ceiling of the room were perfectly black, with age and dirt.
      • Inside the garage door the concrete was stained black with oil and a car was hoisted on a ramp.
      • The decoration on the bridge was spectacular but it was very dirty and black from pollution.
      • Dirty black steps lead up to a deserted platform, blocked off somewhere behind a car repair yard.
      • They tore off his dirty black garments and threw him into the bath.
      • From where Cal stands, looking down, each toe seems to smile with a devilish black arc of under nail dirt.
      • I took a bung out of one of the drums and looked inside, and it was all black, and not a golden colour like it should have been.

    • 1.3

      (coffee) negro América Latina
      (coffee) solo España
      (coffee) tinto Colombia
      (coffee) puro Chile
      (tea) solo
      (tea) sin leche
      (tea) puro Chile
      • Instead, drink lots of water, a cup of skim or soy milk, or a cup of black coffee or tea.
      • Trust me, if you're really a caffeine junkie, you're drinking espressos and black coffee.
      • Small amounts of water or black coffee may be safe if taken a sufficient time before your procedure.
      • That, and a giant cup of straight black coffee, is the extent of his pregame preparation.
      • Mom sipped a cup of black coffee and toyed with the sugar packets on the table.
      • The young man was reading a paperback novel and sipping a steaming mug of hot, black coffee.
      • He drank the last of the black coffee and threw the cup in the nearest trash can.
      • I look at my watch and I see that I have enough time to buy a large cup of black coffee.
      • It is considered essential to offer any visitor a small cup of black coffee called a tinto.
      • He reached forward to pour himself a cup of black coffee, and fixed one for Celly as well.
      • He whistled as he poured some rich, black coffee into a stainless cup on the counter.
      • He took a long drink of yet another sweet black coffee and ineffectually wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.
      • He brewed a pot of black coffee and inhaled the beautiful aromas of real beans.
      • Stoker accepted a cup of black coffee and lowered himself into one of the armchairs.
      • Bitter tastes like the tastes of black coffee and beer are composed of air and ether.
      • I went downstairs to have a black coffee and think things over.
      • Alma stood in the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee, black with just a pinch of sugar.
      • Others accepted a plastic cup of black java and continued along.
      • I drink my tea black, but the three sisters have powdered milk although there's fresh milk in the fridge.
      • If you drink your tea black and sugar free then it could be the death knell for teaspoons in your house.

  • 2also Black

    (aspirations) de los negros
    a black man un (hombre) negro
  • 3

    • 3.1(sad, hopeless)

      this is a black day for our country este es un día aciago / negro para el país
      • Perhaps however the truth lies somewhere in between and the situation is not as black as some perceive it to be.
      • In the North East, once ships stopped being built, a black depression hung over the region.
      • It was a black mood at a black moment, a spasm that sentient Americans prefer to forget.
      • While he might feel he stands under a black cloud at present, that flash of light you can see is a silver lining for York.
      • But the worst was an old bird who shouted at me about the poll tax and blamed me for Black Wednesday.
      • There is evidently much that is right, or even outstanding, about France, so one should not paint too black a picture.
      • Without tempting fate, no young lives have been lost in road accidents since that black day last year.
      • This poll is the conclusion of a very black week in this country's politics.
      • For the past ten years, Joanne had suffered from depression and took medication to control her black moods.
      • I've had no periods of black depression about it, no waking up in cold sweats.
      • Those moments of wild inspiration have a payback time and it comes in periods of black depression.
      • Eighteen months later, his black moods returned suddenly and led to his near-suicide attempt just days later.
      • It's cognitive distortions or faulty thought patterns that often plunge us into black moods.
      • Despite my overall black mood, an occurrence did send me into a fit of raucous laughter.
      • But then young Master Thomas had gone up to Cambridge, and Elsie's black mood had descended.
      • Luckily I can spot the signs so I tend to avoid people when I'm starting to feel low just in case it turns into a black mood.
      • Could it be that this week's black mood is seeping out through my pores?
      • This tarnishes the enjoyment somehow or is that just my own black mood at the moment?
      • After this incident, Philip seemed friendlier, although he would still have his black moods.
      • I've been in a black mood since September 2001, it's hanging over me like a penumbra.
      • There had to be something someone could do to get him out of this black mood he was in!
      • It was only last month that his mood got black enough to merit drowning himself in spirits again.

    • 3.2(intense, grim)

      (despair/pessimism) profundo
      (rage/fury) ciego
      a black look una mirada de odio
      • She was going to set him free from all of the evil and black hatred he had brought to the world.
      • I felt a surge of hatred pass through me, black vicious hatred that I had never felt before.
      • He had never lied to her a full black lie; but merely a few small white ones that did no damage at all.
      • Love may not find them if they continue throughout the teen years with a black streak in their minds.
      • Should they rebut the black smear campaign with the evidence at hand?

    • 3.3(evil)

      (heart) malvado

  • 4

    → see also black market
    the black economy la economía informal


  • 1

    negro masculino
    → see also black and white
    she was dressed in black iba (vestida) de negro
    • to wear black llevar luto
    • to swear black is white mentir descaradamente
    • Other colours include midnight black, ocean blue, rose pink and olive green.
    • The classroom, painted in its sober colours of beige and black, is half-full.
    • The finished article was painted in glossy black, the colour of the original vehicle, to make it look new.
    • The colours are predominantly warm, green on black, black on gold, rich browns and deep reds.
    • He said the two things they most wanted in our flag was the silver fern and the colour black.
    • If I had to make a painting of my life it would only consist of the colour black.
    • Perhaps we can do this by appealing to Europeans' attitudes toward the colour black.
    • Coffee and black are the special colours of Coppelia's collection this season.
    • Light brown, navy and black are the colours Joseph has in mind for the suits.
    • I was very pleased with my eye make-up, and I only used two colours this time - black and gold.
    • This piece of art comes in two colours, natural basket and classic black.
    • Of all the colours found in the garden, black must be the most underused and the least understood.
    • They come in white, beige or black, with a low-wedge rubber sole to insulate against the icy floor.
    • Again, the predominant colours are black and grey and the lighting plot is superb.
    • It gives a great contrast between the orange colour of the motherboard and the shining black of the internal panels.
    • The sponsor was printed in black on one side and the player in gold on the other.
    • Her back was arched and her pale skin stood out starkly against the silky black of her gown.
    • Like with most of your wardrobe's basic elements, black should be the color of choice.
    • Splashed with brilliant golds, oranges, reds, and blacks, it was an amazing sight to behold.
    • It was decorated in oranges, yellows and blacks.
  • 2also Black

    negro masculino
    negra femenino
  • 3

    (freedom from debt)
    to be in the black no estar en números rojos
  • 4

    (in board games)
    • 4.1(piece)

      negra femenino
      • Now Black has two rooks covering his back rank, so one of them can be freed up for central duty.
      • The move chosen in the game gives Black a slight edge without giving up a pawn.
      • Tha was a very precise move which forces Black to make a passive recapture with the bishop.
      • While Black's Queen is busy snacking on pawns, White rushes to bring out all his pieces.
      • I have a previous game on record from this position which shows a more violent treatment from Black.

    • 4.2also Black(player)

      Black: Karpov negras: Karpov
      • and black resigned y las negras abandonaron

verbo transitivo

  • 1anticuado

    (shoes) lustrar
    • Guilt is the great disguiser, blacking the white of the sun.
    • This stuff doesn't just black the buildings, it causes asthma and stunts the development of children's lungs.
    • I lighted the fires and blacked the grates.
    • We rounded a turn and came upon all at once the tumbled ruins of a cottar's hut, blacked by fire, and trampled down as if by horse's hooves.
    • His costumed is blacked and smoking places, and his hair is standing on end.
    • Their defiance sparked a huge wave of international solidarity that saw English dockers blacking Irish goods and collections taken in workplaces across Britain.
    • By 20 January the cabinet was so desperate to crush the miners it considered sending in troops to move the coal which had been blacked by other workers.
    • The union decided to vent its frustrations on the radio station's abolishing such institutions as the orchestra during a cost cutting exercise by blacking its music programmes for ten weeks in 1980.
    • The cabinet was horrified when dockers blacked the jets destined for the military rulers.
    • I am surprised that dockers have not done something about blacking these products, which I am sure are exported through some docks in the country.
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