Translation of black and white in Spanish:

black and white

blanco y negro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈˌblæk ən ˈ(h)waɪt/


Cinema Photography Television
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    blanco y negro masculine


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    (photograph/film/television) en blanco y negro
    • The first photograph was a black-and-white wedding photo, slightly yellowed with age.
    • It was painted from an old black-and-white photograph somebody had lent her: she added the colours herself.
    • My class is taught to develop their own film and produce black-and-white photos.
    • He would take us to the movies and we loved the way they dressed in 1940s black-and-white films.
    • The transfer for this black-and-white film is one of the most attractive I've seen for a film of this vintage.
    • Does red eye show up in black-and-white photographs?
    • Hanging proudly in the corner of a back street post office is a black-and-white photograph taken nearly 150 years ago.
    • On Saturday, I bought two prints of beautiful black-and-white photographs.
    • The black-and-white film was the 1943 Academy Award winner for best picture.
    • Actors would briefly stop work on their latest film to accept the award and to have a small black-and-white photo taken.
    • I stared at the black-and-white photo showing a group of men, all with solemn faces.
    • The result is like a black-and-white photo negative, where the light parts are dark and the dark parts are light.
    • Or marry this one with season one, and you have all the black-and-white episodes.
    • The black-and-white illustrations are clearly reproduced.
    • For black-and-white photography the issue of tone and mood and matching mats is extremely important.
    • Here, the black-and-white video consisted of two sets of male hands signing parts of the text.
    • Copies of old black-and-white pictures of the Dutch governor general are on display.
    • This made mural-size black-and-white prints hard to find and expensive for collectors.
    • My expectations were tainted with scenes from the old black and white war flics.
    • There are two versions, one in full colour and in an equally-effective black and white format.
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    things aren't as black and white as that las cosas no son tan simples