Translation of black body in Spanish:

black body

cuerpo negro, n.


  • 1

    cuerpo negro masculine
    • A black body is one that perfectly absorbs all the radiation falling on it and then re-emits all of that radiation.
    • In 1908 Einstein became a lecturer at the University of Bern after submitting his habilitation thesis which followed from the energy distribution law of black bodies.
    • The Sun radiates approximately as a black body with a temperature of 5800 K, which peaks in the optical region at a wavelength of about 0.6 m.
    • It is common in remote sensing applications to refer to the ‘brightness temperature’ of an object, defined as the temperature the body would need to have if it were a black-body emitting the same amount of radiation.
    • Consequently, a photonic crystal measured to have the same temperature, and therefore comparable energy, as a black body has to shed more energy as photons at allowed wavelengths.