Translation of black gold in Spanish:

black gold

oro negro, n.


  • 1

    oro negro masculine informal
    • Palm oil production, fish, and now black gold and natural gas are major resources, as is education.
    • The next big attack came in 1991, when they destroyed the country's capacity to export black gold - ‘oil, that is’ - to Tokyo.
    • It is worth noting that the shelf of the Arctic seas washing the Russian coast concentrates up to 80 percent of all of the country's oil reserves, which is five times the reserves of black gold on the Arabian Peninsula.
    • It has more than one-fourth of the world's oil reserves, but Texas known for its black gold is king of oil in the United States.
    • The company confronting a blazing oil well leaking billions of dollars of black gold had it easy by comparison.
    • Slurping up black gold here will disrupt migratory birds, whales, and seals that help balance the ocean ecosystem of the West Coast.
    • The federal government's grant of oil rights to whoever owns the land where petroleum is found or whoever can reach it through drilling spurred headlong rushes to produce black gold.
    • The process speeds up Mother Nature's recipe for black gold by combining heat and pressure to convert the feedstock into an oil fuel.
    • In 1998, when oil averaged just $13 a barrel, the country earned $14.5 billion from black gold.
    • These men are modern day pirates whose lust for gold, or in this case, black gold, warps their thinking and allows them to believe two contradictory things at the same time.
    • Gioia is drilling in territory rich with black gold.
    • In Iraq this hour, a lot of black gold is not moving.
    • To cut down on expensive oil imports, Cuba has started turning this, sugar cane, into the substitute of black gold.
    • More oil flares can only mean one thing: Nigeria's production of its black gold is in full swing.
    • The Earth cannot give up ever greater quantities of black gold.
    • Where's all that black gold stored, and what will it take to turn on the spigots?
    • This is an oil exploration company that recently struck black gold in Rajasthan, India.
    • Until green technologies become more established and more efficient, black gold will always be there to dangle the allure of a quick and cheap energy fix.
    • And what about access to natural resources like, say, black gold?