Translation of black magic in Spanish:

black magic

magia negra, n.


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    magia negra feminine
    • In rural areas, difficulties in pregnancy are often blamed on evil spirits or black magic.
    • Wrestlers wore amulets to ward off evil spirits and black magic from their opponents.
    • I don't know whether you believe in witchcraft, sorcery, black magic, and all that kind of thing.
    • About half of the population believe in telepathy, the evil eye and black magic, and that dreams can be prophetic.
    • You were put under a spell by black magic, and only black magic can reverse it.
    • It was her involvement in astronomy and astrology that purportedly aligned her with black magic and divination.
    • In rural folklore, the intersection of two roads was often regarded as an evil place, the site of black magic.
    • It was explained that the healer had nothing to do with black magic or witchcraft.
    • Zombies are dead bodies with no souls, created by the black magic of voodoo sorcerers.
    • I'd like to know how magic, especially black magic, is used in everyday's life.
    • There is no black magic or witchcraft behind this self-help treatment.
    • There was just no way his disappearance could have happened beyond black magic or witchcraft.
    • I would've told them that Fay and I don't do black magic, that it's only white magic we practice.
    • She claimed to understand black magic and to possess clairvoyance, ESP, and other senses unsubstantiated by science.
    • Journalism wasn't some mystical black magic that my grandmother couldn't do for some extra cash.
    • In addition, he distinguished between the benevolent occult arts and black magic.
    • Everyone believed that she was an evil, witchy person who practiced dark, black magic by night.
    • According to him, mysticism must be differentiated from black magic.
    • I am from Kerala, a place notorious for evil-worship and black magic.
    • There's plenty of wealth and black magic in the film, but it's also enthralling good company.