Translation of black market in Spanish:

black market

mercado negro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈblæk ˈmɑrkət/


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    mercado negro masculine
    estraperlo masculine mainly Spain
    to buy/sell sth on the black market comprar/vender algo en el mercado negro
    • the black market in foreign exchange el mercado negro de divisas
    • black market goods/cigarettes del mercado negro
    • Keeping drugs illegal not only costs billions in enforcement, but loses billions in tax revenue by keeping the drug trade a black-market affair.
    • Investigators concluded that the colonel enlisted his men in a black-market currency scheme that netted him tens of thousands of dollars.
    • But like drugs, and alcohol during Prohibition, black-market contraband always provides a means to acquire whatever is the forbidden fruit of the moment.
    • The capital is also the center of a thriving black-market economy that encompasses everything from smuggling to prostitution and drug trafficking.
    • He said sanctions often benefit individuals in power because of their ability to control and profit from the black-market economy.
    • Then there is the black-market trader, who veers between the criminal and entrepreneurial.
    • But he denied that he had an account of more than $5 million, alleged to be the leftovers of proceeds from the black-market sale of weapons.
    • There are thought to be more than 100,000 illegal migrants and asylum seekers, who are banned from working, and involved in the black-market economy.
    • This was a profit of $12.75, and people were very happy to get them at the fine black-market price I was giving.
    • Most of the mayor's staff were part of his extended family and all benefited from the black-market sale of diesel and gasoline in the city.
    • It is also advisable to bring a certain amount of US dollars in cash, as there is a strong black-market economy, which means that big bills are often paid in dollars.
    • He eventually learns that his friend has become a black-market dealer in penicillin.
    • The paper reports that there is a thriving trade in black-market exam papers and implies this might have motivated the creation of the virus.
    • The service also keeps tabs on black-market websites where fraudsters often try to sell stolen account information.
    • To discourage black-market sales, buyers are allowed just one piece of any product, and clothes in their own sizes.
    • Once steroids became contraband, many athletes bought black-market anabolics that were cut with other drugs or intended solely for veterinary use.
    • Near the tourist zone foreigners are hustled by touts selling black-market cigars.
    • As a result, our driver had to go on a hunt for black-market petrol, much of which is smuggled in from Central America.
    • Fortunately for black-market arms dealers, however, end-user certificates are not standardized and there is no central regulating body overseeing the process.
    • In 2001, 68 people died in a matter of a few weeks after drinking black-market alcohol that proved to have been heavily laced with methanol.