Translation of black money in Spanish:

black money

dinero negro, n.


  • 1

    dinero negro masculine
    • Special schemes had been announced for voluntary surrender of black money by persons in possession of such cash.
    • Spain's second biggest bank estimated that about £7 billion worth of black money, or dinero negro, is in hiding and will reappear this year.
    • One envelope contained the dinero negro, or black money.
    • The criminal who possesses black money fabricates an explanation to make the source look genuine
    • It was, he admitted, black money - when asked to explain the ‘source of income’.
    • Money laundering is taking black money and making it white, clean money.
    • The budget is expected to contain several innovative measures to tap black money, bring in more services under the tax net and to rationalise capital gains tax.
    • If one were to see the scenes outside large establishments on pay day, one would get an idea how the system of black money operates by providing easy but very expensive credit to large sections of our population.
    • Everyone knows that the company relies on corruption and black money, and no one believes that they are genuine and sincere in reform.
    • Analysts, however, point out that earlier schemes to tap black money have not been great successes.
    • There's a lot of black money involved in match-fixing activities and we're scrutinising if this has a connection with the underworld.
    • One local electronics goods chain is running advertisements telling people that buying a TV or a DVD player is one way to keep their black money out of the government's coffers.
    • The union government issued power sector bonds aimed at those interested in converting black money into mainstream investments.
    • The period for whitening black money is extended up to June 2006.
    • According to him, people invest in art only when they want to hide black money.
    • We expect revelations like who was sleeping with whom, who was committing adultery, who was charging the highest black money and so on.
    • This would check the flow of black money and the undervaluing of land.
    • A parallel economy generated by black money has devastated the fiscal health of India.
    • Despite all this some players have resorted to this dirty game with a view to make black money.
    • His moral obligation would be to give us the names of the donors of the black money.