Translation of blackball in Spanish:


votar en contra de, v.

Pronunciation /ˈblækˌbɔl/ /ˈblakbɔːl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (vote against)
    votar en contra de
    • After all, the intellectual loner who sneers at the affairs of lesser men hardly tallies with the man whose membership application for the club was recently blackballed by four members.
    • He was almost blackballed from the Alpine Club and on one occasion even assaulted.
    • In theory at least, any one of its 148 members could blackball an agreement.
    • Failure to reply with a swift ‘Yes’, even a slight hesitation, was enough to blackball the hopeful candidate.
    • You have a situation whereby a member from a home state can essentially blackball a nominee, and the nominee never knows what hit them.
    • The embarrassment to baseball was so great that soon enough, after Dad sold the club, I was essentially blackballed from Major League Baseball.
    • The member of the Board of Directors who blackballed the candidate has finally been convinced to remove his objection.
    • Look how the channel has blackballed artists who dared to speak in opposition to the war, while also organizing pro-war rallies across the country.
    • The report was questionable, he said, given the fact that other ministers who were also running for the presidency were not being blackballed.
    • I would almost certainly lose my job, and be blackballed from the PR industry, so if I relied on my income to fulfil my duties to my family, I would be choosing to risk their welfare by speaking out.
    • When it came to the inquiry, all the people who had flocked to advise him blackballed him.
    • Do so and you'll be blackballed, is the message.
    • I was blackballed and blacklisted, vilified and scarified and was reduced to having to go incognito to the pub to enjoy a pint or three.
    • The result was I was blackballed from finding other work in southern CA.
    • Another was blackballed because the women felt he established more eye contact with the male than the female interviewers.
    • Oh, how right the EU Parliament was to blackball him from the EU Commission!
    • They blackballed all DVD proposals that didn't include robust security measures, and threatened to do anything in their power to kill formats that didn't adequately protect content.
    • Back then, while everyone knew Leo had been blackballed, it was hushed up.
    • This should have had a negative impact on his career, actors have been blackballed for a single such act, never mind a seemingly endless succession of them.
    • They were such snobs; they blackballed anyone they didn't like.
  • 2

    hacerle el vacío a