Translation of blacken in Spanish:


ennegrecer, v.

Pronunciation /ˈblækən/ /ˈblak(ə)n/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (make black)
    (ceiling/pot) ennegrecer
    they blackened their faces for the show se tiznaron la cara para la función
    • He smiled slowly at her expression, revealing blackened teeth.
    • Kels asked him, smiling to reveal a row of soot blackened teeth.
    • Walking along the wet roads, empty apart from small gaggles of students, past big buildings of dark grey stone blackened by rain.
    • Flames leapt up around them, black smoke stained the sky, blackened out the moon.
    • The once snow-white stones were now blackened by a combination of being burnt out and years of built-up dirt and dust, casting a midnight shadow over the landscape.
    • Meanwhile place the peppers under a grill and cook, turning until blistered and blackened all over.
    • Halve and deseed the peppers and place, with rounded sides uppermost, under a preheated grill until the skins blacken.
    • Beads of murky water dripped down stone walls blackened by grime, and the floor was cold gray stone.
    • This is never more apparent than when the light fails and huge flocks of rooks and crows blacken the sky as they come home to roost, their cries echoing eerily across the marsh.
    • He blackened the wood by burning it with the heated piece of iron; this enabled him to create the details of his creations.
    • Leave the cannas in the ground until frost blackens the foliage.
    • The material became dark, paint blackened, as I rubbed harder, more and more vigorously.
    • The ground itself was blackened and burned, and was several feet lower than it should have been.
    • There were a lot missing words, where the paper had been blackened and burned away.
    • His blue eyes blacken and I watch aghast, as he buries his face in his hands with a barely stifled groan.
    • He pulled her to him, and hit her twice across the face, blackening her right eye, and bruising her cheek.
    • The gang of older boys, eighth graders, had found him out there, and when Jinx found him, he had bruises across his face and one of his eyes was blackened.
    • Over the hours bruises had formed along the side of her face and her left eye was blackened.
    • The structure was badly damaged and blackened but remained standing.
    • Let me first say that this work blackens your heart and destroys everything good and decent in your sole.
    • England's skies blacken as coal makes the industrial revolution possible.
  • 2

    (person) deshonrar
    (person) desacreditar
    (reputation) manchar
    (reputation) mancillar literary

intransitive verb

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