Translation of blackleg in Spanish:


rompehuelgas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈblækˌlɛɡ/ /ˈblaklɛɡ/


  • 1

    (breaker of strike)
    rompehuelgas masculine, feminine derogatory
    esquirol masculine, feminine derogatory
    carnero masculine River Plate informal, derogatory
    carnera feminine River Plate informal, derogatory
    • In response to his letter, I wholeheartedly disagree with his comments about ‘scabs’, ‘non-strikers’ and ‘blacklegs’.
    • There was no violence directed against the many blacklegs who drove buses and engaged in other strike-breaking activities.
    • The marital crisis coincides with a miners' strike in which the men are forced to live off a pittance while blacklegs take over their jobs.
    • They sang the Red Flag and the Marseillaise, followed by three cheers for the social revolution and three boos for royalty and blacklegs.
    • When the newspaper called them ‘desperate rascals, thieves, robbers, cut-throats, and blacklegs’ the newspaper's editors were not far from the truth.
    • They were ill organized, and defeated by the import of blackleg labour and drought, which struck in 1905.
    • They are known as ‘Scummers’, a term going back to a dock strike in the fifties, when blackleg labour was brought in to breach the picket lines.
    • At the beginning of the 20th century, the picket was mainly concerned with preventing blackleg labour from being taken in to replace strikers.
    • Go on strike by all means, but don't be surprised if some unknown blackleg wannabe steals your job.
    • Grassroots peasant activists burned crops, mined and barricaded roads, derailed trains, set fire to buildings, beat up strikebreakers and punctured the tyres of blackleg drivers.

intransitive verb blacklegging, blacklegged, blacklegged

  • 1

    (break a strike)
    romper una huelga
    esquirolear derogatory
    carnerear River Plate informal, derogatory
    • The party blacklegged on the 1980 general strike, which was broken by the government.
    • Their supreme crime is that they blacklegged on the world's labour movement.
    • In 1919 during a railway strike he blacklegged the strikers and drove a train from Bletchley to Euston.
    • Says it was for Jenny's sake he blacklegged.
    • What other word can we use except "contempt" to the man who is blacklegging?
    • His fire crews are at one another's throats because of one man blacklegging in the firemen's strike and another not blacklegging?