Translation of blacklist in Spanish:


lista negra, n.

Pronunciation /ˈblækˌlɪst/ /ˈblaklɪst/


  • 1

    lista negra feminine
    • This is one of the books of the year, a lucid history of the Communist Party in Hollywood through the period of the blacklist.
    • We do make our blacklist publicly available so anyone can check if we are banning sites critical towards us.
    • The Popular Front period would fade into history, eclipsed by the war, the McCarthy period, the blacklist, the cold war.
    • The browser adjusts its security settings automatically, based on a regularly-updated blacklist of dangerous or malicious sites.
    • Critics of the blacklist have set up a website highlighting their grievances against the popular service.
    • Anti-spam systems also keep blacklists of known spammers, as well as lists of approved senders.
    • If they list a URL in the comment that is on the blacklist, then they get blocked.
    • The bank, which is on the US blacklist, has branches across the Middle East that continue to operate.
    • They've even published a blacklist of spamblogs to help indexing services weed them out.
    • The new rules would allow the agency to create a blacklist of material deemed seriously dangerous to children.
    • A type of pattern-matching filter, Bayesian filters don't require whitelists or blacklists.
    • The government is creating a force that will suppress the criminally influential, but many have escaped the blacklist whether through influence or virtue.
    • The infamous blacklist was already being compiled, and the subject matter of the movie could have made him suspect.
    • Inclusion on the blacklist, which could be proposed shortly, could make it difficult for the bank to do business internationally.
    • In the real world, however, there are no prematurely ended careers so far, no blacklists, no gulags for the dissidents.
    • They create blacklists and urge their readers and fellow bloggers to threaten and harass their targets.
    • As a result of the Liberal party's stance against the war, Canada finds itself, alongside many European states, on the blacklist of their most powerful ally.
    • It allows the attorney general to create a blacklist of organisations for their involvement in terrorism and allows the country to deport or bar entry to anyone connected with those groups.
    • I know what she means when she says that a blacklist will never be an effective, long-term solution to an internet-based problem.
    • But thanks to the blacklist, hundreds of others are being tarred with the same brush, and thousands will be over the next few years.

transitive verb

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    poner en la lista negra
    • Taking a serious note of the incident, the president blacklisted the Indian actor for his remarks.
    • Originally a stage actor in France, he was blacklisted as a result of signing a statement against the French occupation of Algeria.
    • Despite the fact that Arbuckle was later acquitted of manslaughter after two hung juries, he was essentially blacklisted from Hollywood.
    • Once the highest paid actor in Hollywood, he was blacklisted by the film industry and died penniless in 1943 at the age of 46.
    • From that day on I was blacklisted by both him and the head elder.
    • When he was released, he was effectively blacklisted and unable to find work, forced to drive a taxi with a forged license.
    • He was blacklisted during the McCarthy years and subsequently suffered a severe nervous breakdown.
    • Last year we were blacklisted over copyright violation over a treaty that we signed.
    • If you're blacklisted, he says, you do what you can - just as if you were growing up in Harlem.
    • Thousands of Americans were blacklisted during the Cold War.
    • I was blacklisted, pushed out, everybody who talked to me was humiliated.
    • Immigration has blacklisted him, which means he can never return to Thailand, citing that he was considered a danger to society.
    • Those who refused to return to their teams were blacklisted from baseball.
    • As a result, the director was blacklisted in the French film industry for three years.
    • When Kevon told him the story, he blacklisted you and very nearly posted a price on your hide.
    • During the 1930s he was blacklisted as a union activist and never got work.
    • He said million of poor workers and unemployed were blacklisted by credit bureaus even for owing a small amount of money.
    • Factory owners regularly oblige overtime hours, pregnancy tests, dismiss and blacklist workers suspected of union organizing.
    • I would not participate in a phoney election and accepted the alternative - being blacklisted and placed under surveillance.
    • Well, I've blacklisted the sites and deleted the offending comments.