Translation of blackness in Spanish:


negrura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈblæknəs/ /ˈblaknəs/


  • 1

    (black color)
    negrura feminine
    • The ring's low height and shiny blackness suggest an experimental apparatus.
    • The disparity seems further exaggerated by the size and blackness of the soldier's hat.
    • These three mezzotints have a gorgeous inky blackness out of which roofs in his typical style are all but subsumed.
    • Their horizontally biased edges, along with their blackness, tie them together and also relate them to the colored bands above and below.
    • She was the one who stood out from the general indistinguishable blackness of the singers' garb.
    • There flows a ruddier light through the blood-colored panes, and the blackness of the sable drapery appalls.
    • The sun was blocked out by the blackness of the clouds.
    • The figure on the throne was grinning maliciously beneath the blackness of his hood.
    • Consider the whiteness of the sword, not the blackness of the letters.
    • The blackness of the breast stripe was calculated by averaging the gray values of the pixels.
  • 2

    oscuridad feminine