Translation of bland in Spanish:


soso, adj.

Pronunciation /blænd/ /bland/

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adjective blander, blandest

  • 1

    (colors/music) soso
    (colors/music) insulso
    (colors/music) desabrido
    (food/taste) insípido
    (food/taste) soso
    (food/taste) desabrido
    (diet) simple y fácil de digerir
    a bland wine un vino sin cuerpo
    • The current station is far from perfect, but at least it has character, which this bland, uninspired new design fails to achieve.
    • Its visuals are disappointingly mediocre, featuring bland and utterly uninspired track designs.
    • The peripheral characters are given similarly bland treatment.
    • This part of the movie is quite dull, mostly because of the bland one-dimensionality of the characters.
    • These characters are so bland and dumb it's hard enough to remember their names let alone believe or care about them.
    • While this helps in the credibility department, it makes the trial somewhat bland and characterless.
    • If you don't use some essence of a stereotype, the characters are bland and you can't find the conflict.
    • They can already sense how bland and uninteresting their relationship will be, how the years will yawn away and stretch to eternity.
    • The movie is so tame, so bland and so uninspired, it just feels like a wasted opportunity.
    • That bland description understates the drama and stakes of the investigation.
    • His family now lived in a typically bland modern suburb but his heart lay with the little island where he grew up.
    • We started dancing, but rapidly became bored with the bland, unimaginative hip-hop that was being played.
    • The first few songs are bland and uninspiring public space music.
    • Its styling is bland, the engines lacklustre and interiors depressing.
    • Fragile moments of poignant emotion are coupled with bland and lifeless battle scenes.
    • He stars as a sound engineer in a happy but bland marriage to an emotionally fragile woman with psychic abilities.
    • From then on, the album becomes fairly bland and generic soft rock.
    • I feel sorry for today's youth being spoon-fed safe bland manufactured pop devoid of emotion.
    • Colors seem to be unnaturally muted, so that the entire movie has a soft, bland look to it.
    • It includes some of the most emotionally creative and technically brilliant music alongside the bland and inane.
    • These companies seemed to believe that what drinkers wanted to drink was bland beer that was fizzy and tasteless.
    • Favor simple, bland foods and cool drinks, and avoid alcohol and drinks with caffeine.
    • The food was bland and unappealing, with no flavour she could tolerate.
    • Supermarkets offer the same cosmetically perfect bland foods, from apples to bread to cheese.
    • In another contrast to the perfect fish, the bed of too-hard beans with their thin, bland tomato sauce was disappointing.
    • If you can face it, bland foods such as toast or crackers may relieve feelings of nausea.
    • When you feel better, try small amounts of bland foods, such as toast, applesauce or bananas.
    • After a week of eating the bland food in our mess, meals like these really hit the spot.
    • The resultant fare was fresh enough, but the dressing was bland and thin.
    • She is a cake maker with a fine decorative sense but her cakes are bland and tasteless.
    • So if prepared foods are actually bland and nutritionally barren, what do they have going for them?
    • I'm not hugely hopeful as my other babies didn't seem to think much of the bland rice cereal.
    • Apart from the potatoes whose saffron flavour was deep and delicious, this dish was so bland it made me wonder if I had lost my sense of taste.
    • Serve a soft, bland diet that does not require a lot of chewing and encourage your child to drink plenty of fluids.
    • It wasn't to be a bland stew of traditions but something strong and spicy.
    • The dish was too bland, lacking flavour, and the aloe seemed not entirely fresh.
    • Chinese medicine has long advocated bland, unprocessed food for a long, healthy life.
    • You can replace these by drinking plenty of bland liquids such as water and soda water.
    • As far as I'm concerned organic food is a lot like the Progressive Party - soft, bland and somewhat dense.
    • Diced tuna is too soft and bland to leave any impression on your tongue or your mind unless served with wasabi cream.
  • 2

    (statement/reply) anodino
    (statement/reply) que no dice nada
    (smile/manner) insulso
    (film/book/performer) anodino
    • It is easiest to define first what its role should not be - bland reassurance.
    • The simple repetition of bland reassurance that fails to address patients' fears is ineffective.
    • He spoke in a voice so calm and bland, it stuck in the air like an emotionless reverberation.
    • While the chemistry between the two leads is rather bland, there is no denying their emotion.
    • His eyes, although bland, were laced with an emotion that she could not place.
    • Her voice was bland, filled with as much emotion as the oatmeal my mother gave me for my meals.
    • It had to be special to add a spark of emotion to his normally bland personality.
    • With that peculiar bland expression adorning her features, she seemed so lost in her own thoughts.
    • I found his voice bland, without any colouring or nuance, and some of his pronunciations were downright odd.
    • I hope he does something about the public image of his party and, more importantly, his dull, bland self.
    • I guess I'd rather have a bit of a reputation than be bland and boring.
    • He asked, instead, his same dead, flat, bland monotone staying in his voice.
    • The kids, besides looking like brothers, were bland and uninteresting.
    • He grinned but said nothing as his features faded into a bland monotonous look.
    • He gave his friend an unintelligibly bland look, and trotted off into the distance with no comment.
    • This even extends to some of the marquee stars, as Mary Jane looks particularly bland with flattened features.
    • The poor boring, bland singer has to follow a dynamic superstar.
    • This is a relatively dry track featuring two very bland commentators.