Translation of blandly in Spanish:


de manera insulsa, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈblændli/ /ˈblandli/


  • 1

    (smile) de manera insulsa
    • These reviews are increasingly characterized by their blandly uncritical quality.
    • Instead of witty banter, lines are delivered blandly, leaving little room for laughs or sexual tension.
    • It's a blandly renovated building with a pretentious marquis bedecked with flags.
    • Some people still appreciate blandly outdated entertainment, perhaps making this little film a nice present for Grandma.
    • Her autobiography refuses to give the reader anything more than a blandly introspective narrative.
    • Investors need to be careful about looking too blandly at current share prices relative to historic price for cyclical stocks.
    • Under questioning, he claimed total ignorance of events and blandly refused to assist the authorities.
    • The mockups of cocktail bars and first-class cabins look blandly four-star.
    • Too bad if patients want to see the sun or anything as blandly comfortable as a car or a footpath.
    • He was blandly dressed in a white shirt and burgundy tie.