Translation of blank in Spanish:


en blanco, adj.

Pronunciation /blæŋk/ /blaŋk/

See Spanish definition of rotundo


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    (page/space) en blanco
    (façade) liso
    (tape) virgen
    → see also blank check
    the screen went blank se fue la imagen (de la pantalla)
    • my mind went blank me quedé en blanco
    • The police brought him in, gave him a blank sheet to write down what he did the day before, and then released him.
    • I start with a blank sheet of paper and I just write a sentence.
    • The four-page statement was printed on blank paper.
    • I wrote my name on a blank sheet of notebook paper, and tried to push it into the shredder, but I couldn't quite line the paper up with the feed.
    • First thing I did was to sit down with a blank sheet of paper and write up a ‘wish list’ of all the things I'd like to have in the campaign.
    • He wrote his first outlines in longhand on large blank sheets of paper.
    • He went into his room and pulled out a blank sheet of paper and pen and he began to write a reply letter.
    • Teddy grabbed the crayons and a sheet of blank paper and began to write and colour.
    • His boss set him to cutting and pasting blank sheets of profile paper into strips of varying dimensions for later use in the field.
    • Slip a sheet of blank paper or an entire magazine into the baggie.
    • Seira pulled out a pencil and some sheets of blank manuscript paper.
    • Sighing, I took out a blank sheet of scrap paper and started brainstorming.
    • She set the pencil to a blank sheet of paper and began to draw.
    • The agent flipped the paper over only to find that it was a blank sheet of paper.
    • On it he put a sheet of blank paper and a packet of crayons before he pulled over a chair.
    • The professor said he found an empty notebook, with blank pages which the poet had never found time to write on.
    • One national daily yesterday featured a blank front page, explaining below that it had been reserved for a victory picture that never came.
    • When his first son, William, was born, Darwin took an old notebook and began to record his development in its blank pages.
    • We had to run out and buy a blank book for her to record daydreams and nightdreams, and she's been at it for a week now.
    • Staring confused at the blank envelope I moved to my kitchen counter.
    • It turned out that the tape was blank and had not been used to record the conversation.
    • I record my favourite songs onto blank tapes to play in the car and I normally do them by mood or genre.
    • He caught up with me later in the afternoon and pressed a blank tape into my hand and bashfully asked if I could make him a copy of it.
    • Contestants are asked to bring along a blank tape on the night of registration so that a copy can be made of the song chosen.
    • There was also a blank tape, just in case you felt like making use of the hotel's video recording service.
    • That was when we discovered that the video code hadn't worked and the tape was blank.
    • I missed a bunch of it - I had to take a phone call, and couldn't find a blank tape for the VCR.
    • To do this you will need a microphone, a tape recorder or CD recorder, and blank tapes or CD's.
    • Applying a levy on blank tapes, MiniDiscs, CD-Rs and the like, and to the hardware that writes data to them, will be resisted.
    • No more scrambling to find a blank tape when you unexpectedly come across an interesting programme that's just starting - simply hit record.
    • Ensure you have a digital video camera with a fully charged battery and plenty of blank tapes.
    • The recordings are available and there are several minutes of blank tape at the end of each side.
    • Before I went out of the car, I made sure that the recorder had a blank tape inside or else my project would be in jeopardy.
    • By the early 1970s, we were voraciously recording music onto blank cassettes: LPs, concerts, tunes from the radio.
    • Each student will get a blank tape and video recorder.
    • In kindergarten, each student brings a blank videotape to school which is then used in succeeding years to record the interviews.
    • When they took the stage a few hours later, they were armed with a tape recorder and a stack of blank cassettes.
    • Like CDR, blank DVD-R discs are recorded in a DVD-R drive that is controlled by a host computer.
    • My colleague rewinds the tape to find it is blank; the recorder failed.
    • It records on more types of blank disks than the others, but its built-in TV tuner is mono, not stereo.
    • He would roam the streets looking for nice blank surfaces to paint the letter of the day on.
    • The blank background beautifully reflects the tonal differences, conjuring up the stark light of the Mediterranean and the murky tones of America.
    • In both photographs the inanimate face is shown in three-quarter profile facing right against a blank background.
    • I wanted to do something interesting with the top of the case, which is currently just a blank surface.
    • It's a surprising journey to get from this blank surface to the finished thing, and it isn't a straight line.
    • The room seem pretty bare, blank walls, holding that nasty lonely chill inside.
    • It features blank walls and a recliner placed in the middle of the room.
    • I found another microwave that had a completely blank front, with the buttons hidden inside the door.
    • Only one structure blotted the blank landscape.
    • The photograph facing the title page says it all - it simply shows a wall, blank but for an empty picture hook.
    • I have turned away from him and am concentrating on the very blank, very white wall in front of me.
    • He thought as he was staring at the shockingly blank white walls.
    • This is the equivalent of a cultural vacuum, a blank canvas, an empty stage.
    • His essay offers an intriguing interpretation of a Tudor portrait featuring five enigmatically blank panels.
    • He was an empty vessel, a blank template waiting to be completed.
    • Police fear the vandals will view clean walls as a blank canvas.
    • On one side there was the blank wall of the back of a shopping centre.
    • See your own aura by standing about three feet in front of a mirror with a blank wall behind you.
    • Do you sometimes spend hours staring at a blank wall?
    • I got myself some food and drinks and sat on the couch-bed staring at a blank plasma flat screen TV.
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    a blank expression un rostro carente de expresión
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    he responded with blank silence por toda respuesta calló, perplejo
    • he stared at me in blank amazement me miró perplejo
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    (refusal/rejection) rotundo
    (refusal/rejection) tajante
    • I don't believe that could happen today, one of my students sighed in blank refusal of this simple chain of reasoning.
    • What's interesting about the posts on the website is this blank refusal to accept the true nature of freedom of speech.
    • Those advisers who urged on him an expression of contrition as a way of finding closure met with a blank refusal.
    • You give hugely to the town and the country but when you look for a little back for yourself, you get a blank refusal.
    • But he was isolated, and something more than a blank refusal was required.
    • On the unionist side, there was a blank refusal to consider power sharing.
    • This movie aims to evoke the same mystery, but settles for a sense of blank perplexity.
    • I'm pleased to see that I'm not the only one frustrated with his blank lack of understanding.
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    (ammunition) de fogueo


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    (empty space)
    espacio en blanco masculine
    fill in the blanks rellene los espacios en blanco
    • can you guess the word? A, blank, blank, C, E ¿puedes adivinar la palabra? A, raya, raya, C, E
    • he called me a blank idiot me llamó idiota de m …
    • my mind was a complete blank me quedé totalmente en blanco
    • I'd been accumulating information and photographs, but when it came time to write it I knew I'd have to uncover more to fill in the blanks.
    • It had colloquial English phrases and you had to fill in the blanks.
    • This is your chance to fill in the blanks on a missive already written, then simply post it off to the public figure in question.
    • More accurate and logical profiling requires restraint: leave the usual labels and formulas in template until you have enough facts to thoroughly fill in the blanks.
    • I want to fill in the blanks, dot the i's and cross the t's.
    • The concept is simple enough: take a 9x9 square and fill in the blanks so each number from one to nine appears in each row, column and 3x3 section only once.
    • Well if you had a form I suppose I could fill in the blanks and get the boss to sign it.
    • He trekked thousands of miles along the northern coast of North America to fill in the blanks on regional maps.
    • If you're only looking for certain vocabulary words in certain places, why not just offer an essay template where students fill in the blanks?
    • The UN has now called in the ‘motherland’ countries, to try to fill in the blanks on the draft plan.
    • The teacher must have been quite surprised at the way he filled in the blanks in the questions at the end of each lesson.
    • The analysis presented here shows that filling in some blanks in the current matrix will not overturn the optimal hypothesis it supports.
    • Someone from marketing, sales, or [fill in the blank with a department] will always throw a wrench into the project.
    • Question 1 was a database question, with several blanks, and two queries to be filled in.
    • Early map-makers were happy to leave blanks for terra incognita or to stock those empty spaces with headless cannibals, giant monopeds, Amazons and dragons.
    • I knew all the key terms and I knew what to put in the blanks, but I just couldn't think straight enough to write anything.
    • She picked up a new gold nib black ink pen and started filling in blanks in the contract.
    • The list of employees now has a number of blanks in the salary column.
    • He left blanks for inserting names and levels of government to create an instant press release of sorts.
    • Their birth certificates contained blanks in the section identifying their fathers.
    • So while Shakespeare's life is not a total blank, it does contain a lot of empty spaces.
    • He said all the drinks at the event had been free and believes their beers may have been spiked because of his total blank about the evening.
    • It's just a total blank, as though everyone had forgotten about that bit of the world.
    • At this point, brain, spirit and soul were all on overload and a total blank arrived.
    • Our knowledge of the singer's childhood and youth is practically a total blank.
    • I've a good memory, a very good memory, but my mind is a total blank.
    • She was looking at him with big, round, hopeful eyes, her lips quivering, and his mind was a total blank.
    • It tells the story of a woman suffering from psychogenic amnesia who wakes up daily with her mind a total blank.
    • Even though I recognised people, my mind was a total blank.
    • I quickly racked my brain for the answer, only to turn up with nothing but a blank.
    • The stunning reality of the battle pushed Alex's mind into total blank.
    • Her mind was a total blank and she kept staring at the wall in front of her.
    • Today is one of those ‘blogless’ days where my mind is a blank so this will be short!
    • I was so nervous I put my slides upside down on the projector, dropped my folder and had a complete mind blank half way through.
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    impreso masculine
    formulario masculine
    • In this country, town governments issue passports, so thieves frequently break into the town hall and steal blanks.
    • In addition to controlled storage, prescription blanks are serialized, and the dispersal of all prescription pads and storage destination is documented by pharmacy staff.
    • Prescription blanks must not be stored in patient examination rooms.
    • With a pad of blanks and the punch, I could mark my own transfers and travel anywhere that L.A. buses went.
    • We answered all the questions and filled out the blanks in full.
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    naipe en blanco (card)
  • 4

    (uncut key)
    llave ciega feminine
    • Worthing shaped the blank into a traditional British style and finished the wood with a hand-rubbed oil finish.
    • The hydroforming process forms a heated metal blank into a desired shape by means of hydraulic pressure.
    • Multidirectional core reduction techniques produced a wide variety of larger reduction flakes that formed blanks for small tools.
    • Wheel blanks vary in width from 7.5 in. to 12 in. and in length from 26 in. to 40 in.
    • They do not have grip safeties, so a blank must be welded onto the frame and then finished by hand.
    • People couldn't believe how easy it was pick many simple locks using little more than a key blank and a screw driver.
    • The technique traditionally has involved filing a key blank into a set of teeth that rest against each of the pins in a pin and tumbler lock.
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    cartucho de fogueo masculine
    • She let the cartridges of blanks drop to the ground and reloaded with live fire.
    • The bullets were blanks in our desert, but the situations and attitudes of the soldiers we reported on were as real as they come.
    • No one on the firing squad knows whether their gun has a bullet or a blank.
    • Unbeknownst to our finalist, four of these bullets are blanks.
    • So perhaps it was a real gun and a real head, but does a blank constitute a real bullet?
    • When I learned to shoot a gun, I never practiced with real bullets, or even blanks.
    • It was the first time I'd fired a weapon, I felt a little nervous even though the bullets were only blanks.
    • This stage furnishes the ammunition for two .45 Colt sixguns, .45 caliber blanks with enough blast to pop balloons but not send bullets around haphazardly.
    • She said 1,797 rounds of assorted ammunition, including blanks, and 13 other weapons, including knives, had also been handed in.
    • Rubber blanks exploded through the bush I was crouching behind, but none hit me.
    • Bullets, he didn't know whether they were blanks or not, whizzed past him, inches from his face.
    • It was something I should have noticed, blanks looked different than the real ammo we work with.
    • Only blanks were used for the Royal war games when she visited the armed forces at Portsmouth.
    • The guns fire blanks but can be adapted to shoot real bullets.
    • Taking aim again, I pulled the trigger and the blank hit the guard in the chest.
    • In each of the shops, there are display cases full of replica weapons capable of firing plastic or metal ballbearings or blanks.
    • In addition, officers collected nine guns designed to fire blanks, but capable of being converted to fire live ammunition.
    • By day five, soldiers receive weapon's safety instructions, carry a magazine of blanks and continually conduct weapons safety procedures.
    • He had not been wounded, let alone shot, because the attacker's pistol was loaded with blanks.
    • ‘The darn gun was loaded with blanks,’ she said.