Translation of blanket in Spanish:


manta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈblæŋkət/ /ˈblaŋkɪt/

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    manta feminine
    cobija feminine Latin America
    frazada feminine Latin America
    • Try changing feather pillows, woollen blankets and woollen clothing to cotton or synthetic materials.
    • Remove cushions and soft toys, and buy bedding made from synthetic fabric rather than using feather pillows and woollen blankets.
    • There are plenty of woollen blankets and fluffy white towels.
    • I'm convalescing amidst the warmth of piled blankets and the hiss of the radiator.
    • Her whole body was suddenly covered in the warmth as if a blanket had just been pulled over her.
    • Quickly she snuggled back into the warmth of the blankets.
    • The park was filled with strolling tourists, courting couples and a few people lying on blankets enjoying the warmth of the late sun.
    • After cuddling in the cozy warmth of her blankets for several minutes, Abbey got out of bed and slipped her feet into her silk slippers.
    • As I lay under the warmth of his blankets, tranquility seeped into my body.
    • She squirmed a bit until she was engulfed by the blankets - and the warmth that they brought with them.
    • Not even a hand had snuck out from under the cozy warmth of the blankets.
    • It was the kind of warmth like pulling blankets out of the dryer and wrapping them around you in the middle of winter.
    • The sheets on his bed were a dark red satin, with a fur blanket for warmth.
    • She nodded snuggling deeper into the blankets and stealing their warmth.
    • I slowly rolled out of bed Monday morning, not wanting to leave the warmth of my blankets.
    • Shivering, Robyn wrapped herself up in the blanket for warmth.
    • Her teeth are chattering, and I run to get a blanket to throw over her.
    • Actually, there wasn't much to make, all she had to do was puff the pillow and throw the blanket over the bed.
    • She swung her legs over the side of the bed, and threw off her down blanket.
    • Daniel sits on a sofa cushion, with a blanket thrown over his shoulders, eating a bowl of cereal.
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    manto masculine
    a blanket of snow un manto de nieve
    • The stars were hidden behind a thick blanket of clouds only revealed in brief patches.
    • By the time 5:00 pm came around the sun had gone completely, covered by a thick blanket of clouds.
    • The sky was completely covered by a thick blanket of clouds.
    • A thick blanket of snow coated the earth and the tall pines I was surrounded by were heavily laden with white powder.
    • The sky was gray, a blanket of clouds hanging in the sky, the beginnings of autumn chill in the barest puff of a breeze.
    • The city is the first thing I see from my bedroom window when I roll up the blinds of a morning, except on those days when it is shrouded in a thick blanket of damp mist.
    • Outside, dim diffuse light indicated the presence of dawn, but everything was shrouded in a thick blanket of mist.
    • At this time of year, plants are tucked up for the winter under a thick blanket of winter mulch.
    • The low temperatures, combined with the thick blanket of dust surrounding the embryonic star, means the process of star creation cannot presently be measured.
    • A thick blanket of snow thwarted the efforts of search and rescue teams hunting for the missing woman yesterday.
    • Of all the things I did not expect to be a factor in my morning commute, I woke to the thickest blanket of fog ever.
    • Showering and dressing, still in a dream, we looked with horror out of the window and saw a thick blanket of fog hiding the street.
    • The district woke up to a thick blanket of snow this morning as the country's cold entered its most bitter phase.
    • The corridor is usually full of people puffing away and a thick blanket of smoke hangs in the air.
    • This morning we awoke to a thick blanket of snow, and it's still coming down.
    • Unfortunately for all the fans, a thick blanket of fog rolled in making it impossible to see.
    • We drove into a thick blanket of fog, and everything was lost.
    • The thick blanket of depression stole around her, enticing her into the depths of a silent quagmire with it's sullen truths.
    • She now realized why bandits would choose a place like this to hang out, for it quickly got dark inside the forest, under the thick blanket of leaves.
    • The sky outside was still wrapped in the thick blanket of nighttime.


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    (measure/ban) global
    they use the word as a blanket term of abuse usan la palabra como insulto indiscriminado
    • their blanket coverage of the championship su exhaustiva cobertura del campeonato
    • blanket cover cobertura contra todo riesgo
    • There are real fears that many coal merchants, dockers and hauliers will be seriously affected if the Government's blanket ban goes ahead.
    • The director of the civil rights group said blanket bans cause unacceptable breaches of innocent people's human rights.
    • With this blanket ban on so many aspects of news coverage, you just don't know who to trust anymore.
    • Local authorities will not have the right to issue blanket bans on gambling.
    • They want employers to introduce a blanket ban on internal e-mails and get staff walking around the office.
    • The association chairman said only a complete blanket ban on smoking in pubs would work.
    • Meanwhile, the European commission seems to have scotched the idea of local authorities imposing any sort of blanket ban.
    • It was just a general, unspecific blanket condemnation of that sort of thing, you know, to keep up appearances.
    • My first step will be to remove the insect killer tubelight setup on each floor, and issue a blanket ban on all insect repellants.
    • The health minister plans to include pubs in a blanket ban on smoking in the workplace.
    • What will the impact of a blanket ban be?
    • They are compiling a list of skating no-go areas around the parish - and a blanket ban on skateboarding in unsociable hours is also being put forward.
    • There is no general blanket rule, but being safe and taking those precautions are the most important things.
    • The effect of the memo on workers, particularly among less confident journalists, was a blanket ban on anyone who held anti-war views.
    • Licensees say there is no support for a blanket ban that would devastate the city's £200m-a-year night time economy.
    • But a blanket ban serves only to prevent the public from knowing what really happened last week.
    • The government decided to put a blanket ban on all foreign adoptions so no one outside can adopt a foreign child.
    • The traditional smoky Irish pub will be officially consigned to the past today as a blanket ban on smoking in the workplace comes into force.
    • However, this is entirely possible without a divisive blanket ban.
    • In the 1960s, most countries imposed blanket speed limits.

transitive verb

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