Translation of blasé in Spanish:


displicente, adj.

Pronunciation /blɑˈzeɪ/ /ˈblɑːzeɪ/


  • 1

    (manner/remark) displicente
    blasé about sth
    • The perception that has been transmitted is one of blasé indifference.
    • I was outraged by the blasé attitude of the programme manager for the environmental authority.
    • Composing myself, in my most blasé tone I casually asked the proprietor if he'd consider breaking up the set.
    • Am I a snob because the show leaves me unresponsive and blasé?
    • Perhaps the funniest thing about the movie though is the blasé attitude it takes about what it takes to get a movie written.
    • Firms with a blasé attitude to security could see system downtime caused as a result of software vulnerabilities.
    • By this time he had almost achieved the blasé attitude of someone who didn't really care; almost, but not quite.
    • Clearly, adopting a blasé attitude toward house prices has taken many years to achieve.
    • Those who have a blasé approach to parking had better change their attitude or they could be hit very hard in their pockets.
    • She comes across as simultaneously caring, blasé, jaded and extremely vulnerable.
    • Of course, I don't want them to be as blasé about climate change as we are, but the alternative is for these countries to stay in poverty for even longer.
    • My father was so ridiculously blasé about this whole episode that after getting out of the hospital he went out for ice cream.
    • He seems so blasé, that it makes me wonder whether these sorts of deals occur all the time.
    • All three men are blasé about the prospects of being burglarized.
    • I do not want to suggest that we can be blasé about individual protections, particularly in the face of large commercial interests.
    • Remember how, by the fifth snow shower, you'd become completely blasé about those falling flakes as if they were the most normal thing in the world?
    • As she speaks, fashionably blasé young workers sip on microbrews and eat pizza provided free on Friday afternoons.
    • Now that he is 45, the superior bit seems to have died down, perhaps to be replaced with a certain blasé nature.
    • If she is not entirely blasé about the attention focused on her, then she certainly gives the impression she can handle it.
    • I had been complacent, even blasé, about someone who was really important to me.