Translation of blasphemous in Spanish:


blasfemo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈblæsfəməs/ /ˈblasfəməs/


  • 1

    • I suspect that it is probably sacrilegious or even blasphemous to suggest such a thing.
    • I believe that they should bail out of a blasphemous and unholy organization that is going down, hard.
    • Already they are blaspheming and doing blasphemous things against the church.
    • Later religions considered this concept blasphemous, as it was akin to man proclaiming himself as God.
    • The beast does things in the name of God, yet is blasphemous because the motives are wrong.
    • Calendars such as the one shown in the example are blasphemous.
    • I don't see why you have to look at it as so blasphemous.
    • The following query may be a bit blasphemous but I shall ask anyway as it has been preying my mind for a while.
    • I was told to pray, and I mocked them, because I couldn't see the point in it, so I was punished for being blasphemous.
    • So what is really so blasphemous and guilt-imposing about magic?
    • A student once came to me troubled with blasphemous thoughts racing through his mind.
    • The application of logic and free discussion to theological questions was considered blasphemous.
    • Applying the attribute of reverence to a mortal being borders on the blasphemous.
    • It may be that this concerns us little, for we remember saying no blasphemous words.
    • The story begins, as we all know, with his blasphemous worship of his gold.
    • The Iconoclasts asserted that religious images were both blasphemous and impossible.
    • As Chesterton said, if you want to know what a culture holds sacred, just look at what it considers blasphemous.
    • The church hierarchy condemned it as blasphemous.
    • After she jimmied her way inside, she punched the pulpit and made blasphemous gestures to the icons.
    • The people who stay there are at the same time loyal and treacherous, pious and blasphemous, violent and generous.