Translation of blast in Spanish:


ráfaga, n.

Pronunciation /blæst/ /blɑːst/

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  • 1

    (of air, wind) ráfaga feminine
    (of water, sand) chorro masculine
    an icy blast una ráfaga de aire helado
    • When I stepped out of the car, I was hit with a blast of icy wind.
    • The wind delivered consistent blasts in between gusts and gales.
    • For once the weather bureau got it right and the predicted cold front arrived last night with a blast of icy wind.
    • Right now the gutter looks good, warm somehow, perhaps half a degree safer than the blast of icy wind at head height.
    • A blast of wind hit us in the face and the light blinded me temporarily.
    • She pulled her duster closer around her and shivered at the icy blast of wind Mother Nature sent her way.
    • Their shapes were distorted by the howling blasts of icy wind.
    • And then suddenly an icy blast of wind - she hadn't thought it was possible to get any colder - struck her body.
    • Every time the doors of the tram opened a blast of icy wind came in.
    • I was suddenly hit by a sharp blast of cold wind; someone had opened the door.
    • A blast of wind hit me but it was warm and sweet with the promise of Spring.
    • Without warning, strong blasts of wind blew around them, ripping trees from their roots.
    • Between the icy rain, the blasts of wind, and the crashing noise of the falls, the area seems desolate and terrible.
    • The blast of cold wind almost hits me on the face, reminding of the real feel of Christmas in our place.
    • I love winter, the chill in the air, how the fresh blast of wind brings colour to my cheeks.
    • Suddenly a blast of wind rushed through the broken windows, pinning his hand to a wall.
    • As soon as she said that a blast of wind shot upward, making her hood fly off and her hair fly to the sky.
    • He pulled out his combat knife and punctured his air bag sending a blast of hot compressed air in his direction.
    • They're going to take some getting used to, though at least the blast of fetid air from the tube station makes us feel right at home.
    • The machine injects a rod 15 inches into the ground before exploding a blast of compressed air to loosen the earth and help drainage.
  • 2

    • 2.1(explosion)

      explosión feminine
      • He swung the gun around, firing two sharp blasts at the other man.
      • The shotgun blast was followed by a sharp percussive explosion as the entire hillside lit up in a white phosphorescent glare.
      • The first man arrested by the police in connection with the latest bomb blasts turned out to have no connection with the suicide bombers.
      • A spate of recent bomb blasts have scared people, maimed citizens, claimed hundreds of innocent lives and brought about suffering to the bereaved.
      • A neighbor who heard the shotgun blasts went to investigate.
      • The race is on to save the lives of those injured by the bomb blasts; many tourists, however, are unaccounted for.
      • Many have expressed their pessimism over the police's ability to find the perpetrators in the latest bomb blasts.
      • I was blissfully unaware of the bomb blasts until I got into office this morning.
      • Bomb attacks in London in 1992 resulted in guidance being published on how to design for bomb blasts.
      • Every now and then, we hear about daylight robberies, shootouts, murders and bomb blasts.
      • Several tourists have been injured by bomb blasts in Spain in recent weeks.
      • Two bomb blasts and a bomb threat last week have caused tension and disturbance in the region.
      • They were accused of being the main conspirators and facilitators of the bomb blasts.
      • Small explosions and blasts spread through the sector, becoming larger along the way.
      • He had to fly in that cruel place, where the air is as destructive as a nuclear blast, for 4,000 miles.
      • Between the energy wave and the rifle blasts, the door had become quite unstable.
      • The destructive blast impacted with the road to the left of the middle Jeep.
      • Three police officers were wounded in a grenade blast earlier during the raid.
      • In a land mine blast and a grenade attack on a camp, four security personnel died.
      • Later 20 people were wounded in a grenade blast which police said had been aimed at a security patrol but missed its target.
      • She gives the leftie columnist a big blast for the dishonesty of his criticisms.
      • So it is no mystery why my blast at the historian did not get the attention his did.
      • Another blast of criticism was aimed at the good lady wife of the rock musician.
      • The tennis prodigy offers a refreshingly impolite blast to his critics from the US Open before heading home.
      • He retired after only a single appointed term, issuing a public blast against his own party and virtually inviting the opposition to take over his seat.

    • 2.2(explosive charge)

      carga feminine

    • 2.3(shock wave)

      onda expansiva feminine
      she caught the full blast of his rage recibió todo el impacto de su furia
      • The plane shuddered with shock waves from the blast.
      • The shock wave from the blast kills the majority of fish species on the reef and causes severe damage to its structure.
      • The blast caused a shock wave across the town, smashing windows and shaking houses.
      • As energy waves from the blasts travel through the ground they will be recorded by portable seismometers placed throughout the area.
      • The manager of the state fire investigations unit said the pressure wave from the blast was powerful enough to lift the roof off the building.
      • Nearly the entire ground floor had been blown out by the blast and what was left to support the building was burning.
      • The blasts blew out the windows of nearby restaurants in the upscale neighbourhood.
      • Yesterday a fire service spokesman said: ‘The blast just blew the whole of the front of the shop off.’
      • The lone human being in the area, a trapper living near the periphery of the blast, was blown off the porch of his shack, but survived.
      • The blast blew out windows and walls, overturned tables and cut electricity, plunging the hotel into eerie darkness.
      • The blast blew the glass out of every apartment window in the block.
      • Three other soldiers were wounded as the blast blew off the tanks turret, pinning them down.
      • The blast blew out windows in the room where the two met moments before.
      • The owner was not at home, but the blast blew out the front wall of his home and left him homeless.
      • A concrete security barrier close to the embassy absorbed most of the blast and prevented further damage and injuries, officials said.
      • They have described hearing a hissing noise like a giant pressure cooker letting off steam, seconds before a huge blast which blew one man 8ft into a locker.
      • The powerful blast blew pieces of the car five blocks away.
      • He was in the kitchen of his home when the blast blew out the back door and demolished internal walls.
      • The resulting blast blew out all the windows, throwing debris up to 100 metres.
      • The principal effect of a bomb is explosive blast, which may be combined with fragmentation or incendiary effects.

    • 2.4(outburst)

      embestida feminine
      ataque masculine
      he got a real blast from his wife su mujer le echó una buena bronca informal

  • 3

    (of sound)
    toque masculine
    • The phrases noted above are like blasts from an air horn or plastic trumpet, blaring technical correctness.
    • He was awakened in the morning by a loud blast from an oxen horn.
    • I was about to sob and lament to myself when I heard the loud blast of a horn.
    • Her mysterious silences and then her loud, abrupt blasts of sound had made him curious, so he walked to the door, and rested his had on the door knob.
    • From the edge of the field, the horns sounded a harsh blast.
    • If the animal is in your path, break firmly but avoid swerving and sound your horn in short blasts to frighten the animal away.
    • A screeching sound and the blast of a car horn told her that she had narrowly missed a collision with a fellow driver.
    • As the runners were descending from England's highest mountain, they heard a scream and frantic blasts on an emergency whistle.
    • In those days he didn't even have a police radio: three sharp blasts on a whistle was the only way to summon help.
    • Plumes of white vapor fill the air, and the blast of a steam whistle announces the train's departure.
    • After a forty-five minutes delay the lights came on and the familiar two blasts of the air horns sounded and we began to roll.
    • The air horn sounds a blast that can be heard over the roar of aircraft engines.
    • Suddenly, a huge flash and a blast of thunder blew out of the forest, sending birds flapping away in torrents.
    • Things make a rapid right turn with this song though - a blast of guitar bursts out unexpectedly.
    • Entering the building, a blast of noise assaulted her ears.
    • The album is studded throughout with glorious blasts of trumpet adding to the CD's general utter charm.
    • A blast of melody rang throughout the crowd, and immediately everyone began to dance around, grabbing the nearest person to be their partner.
    • By 10 am a few sheets of lightening and blasts of thunder echoed throughout the valley.
    • The now familiar, spine chilling bugle gave a long blast and the enemy surged forward.
    • A trumpet blast echoed through his ears for a second time, announcing the start of the trek home.
  • 4US informal

    (enjoyable event)
    the party turned into a real blast la fiesta se desmadró informal
    • it'll be a blast será el desmadre

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(make explode)

      (dam/rock) volar
      they used dynamite to blast the safe open usaron dinamita para volar / hacer saltar la caja fuerte
      • it would blast your foot off te arrancaría el pie
      • the explosion blasted a gaping hole in the wall la explosión abrió un boquete enorme en la pared
      • Every piece of the hard rock had to be blasted out before being broken up with pick and shovel.
      • Trees were broken and cracked open, and buildings had been blasted apart as if by dynamite.
      • A van filled with homemade explosives blasts the federal building in the city.
      • The attacking vehicles had been blasted apart, so there wasn't much left to salvage from them.
      • Several whole windows would have to be blasted out before a plane would depressurize enough to threaten life within the cabin.
      • We all knew we were off to a good start since no one was blown or blasted into smithereens from any explosions.
      • The builders blasted out the foundations of the old property with dynamite in order to fit in the base of the new house.
      • From a safe distance, a disposal expert presses a button, triggering an explosion which blasts the mine to pieces.
      • Another explosion blasted the other end of the street apart.
      • The bomb was used by the air force to blast helicopter landing zones in dense undergrowth.
      • The explosion blasted the vessel into fragments, split the bed of the harbour and sent a mushroom cloud of smoke and debris surging three miles into the sky.
      • Explosions or collisions blast the objects into smaller pieces, increasing the number of objects further.
      • The windows and doors were all blasted away, but the main structure stood solid, and they survived with but a few scratches.
      • Actually, the present lava dome at Mount St Helens is the third dome to form since the 1980 eruption, the previous two having been blasted away by the subsequent eruptions.
      • As the doors were blasted away, an audible gasp was heard from within.
      • You can see big chunks of this pillar have been blasted away by a bomb - and rather clumsily filled in with grey plaster later on.
      • The missiles struck her, blasting apart most of her engines and missile launchers.
      • One tornado blasted apart a theatre just minutes after a movie ended.
      • He returned fire again, blasting a missile complex into atoms before moving back in the line to allow the undamaged ships access to the battle.

    • 1.2(shoot)


    • 1.3(attack)

      arremeter contra
      • She has blasted the senator's criticism of the war by reminding viewers that he voted for the war.
      • Critics blasted him for pouring taxpayer funds into badly managed banks and unneeded infrastructure projects.
      • It was also a colossal failure, shunned by audiences and blasted by critics as ‘pretentious.’
      • I suppose that some people may blast me for these criticisms and claim that they found his adventures compelling.
      • In recent years, the council has been blasted with icy criticisms from residents unhappy with the authority's winter road policies.
      • Some critics have blasted him for connecting violence at home to a past history of bloodshed and aggression abroad.
      • Rail bosses have been blasted for a lack of information on new timetables which have just gone up at the station.
      • Last night, he blasted someone in the audience for booing the mere mention of that band.
      • A farmer has blasted officials who threw out his appeal over rights of way across his land.
      • Now, she's blasting a judge for releasing two suspects held in her daughter's still unresolved case.
      • General election candidates were blasted yesterday for sending thousands of unsolicited vote-getting phone messages to their constituents.
      • The association blasted an independent report released by the government yesterday claiming speed cameras save lives.
      • The fire station officer blasted the firebugs for their stupidity.
      • Then he blasts the leader for not doing enough to fight AIDS.
      • She has been blasted by one of Hollywood's top directors, as one of the rudest women in the industry.
      • Democrats are already blasting him for what they say are his extreme views.
      • The president is already blasting congress for spending too much.
      • Just as I marched up, the commander came up in a car and blasted the hell out of me for putting a tent up where it was.
      • Conservatives question whether TV ads for a new film blasting the president could unfairly impact voters.
      • They've yet to call a press conference to blast the damage these warped images can do to the psyche of young people in this country.
      • He has blasted the Mansfield striker's ‘poor attitude’ during his loan stay at Wetherby Road.

  • 2mainly British informal

    (expressing annoyance)
    blast it! ¡maldición! informal
    • blast him! he's forgotten to leave the keys ¡maldito sea! se olvidó de dejar las llaves
    • blast the exam! I'm not doing any more revision ¡al diablo con el examen! no pienso repasar más
  • 3 literary

    (crops) malograr
    championship hopes blasted by injury una lesión echa por tierra / malogra las esperanzas de ganar el campeonato

intransitive verb

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  • 1

    ¡maldición! informal