Translation of blasted in Spanish:


maldito, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈblæstəd/ /ˈblɑːstɪd/


  • 1informal

    maldito informal
    condenado informal
    • He won't be able to fight with it, let alone carry the blasted thing up a mountain!
    • Some brat even threw a rotten apple core at me and sped away in his blasted tricycle contraption before I could catch him.
    • Later that morning I brought the blasted computer into one of the two public lounges, settled into a plush chair and tried to concentrate.
    • The blasted thing would not stop ringing.
    • He could do without this blasted Battle of Britain.
    • Like us, they wait for this blasted winter to be over.
    • Everyone is suffering from this blasted cold thanks to him!
    • Unfortunately, they didn't seem to be missing me badly enough to just let me win the blasted game.
    • Either we pick up a fair fee for our trouble, or we get rid of those blasted opinion pollsters.
    • There are the idiots on the council who've brought us to our knees with those blasted parking fees!
    • Bury yourself in some textbooks until the whole blasted thing blows over.
    • But we never get to appreciate that, because the blasted music never stops!
    • That blasted song from the musical is on a continuous loop in my brain.
    • Twenty-five minutes later we were still on that blasted bus.
    • The blasted sheep had simply stormed into the house to have a good look round.
    • All in all we must have wasted about fifty gallons of water and never did succeed in getting the blasted thing to run.
    • I completely wasted my entire day in unproductive activity and left the blasted room hours later seething with frustration and disgust.
    • They prevented Scotland from reaching last summer's World Cup because of a blasted last-minute goal at Hampden.
    • He winced as he reached for the bar of soap, cursing the blasted hot water tank that never seemed to actually spit out hot water.
    • The sleeves would ride up your arms when you swung, the shoulders were too tight, and we wound up taking the blasted things off when we had a shot that really mattered.
  • 2literary

    (stump/oak) herido por un rayo literary
    • Driven mad, he wanders the blasted heath as his rivals watch the clan destroy itself.
    • Films and photographs of the time show ‘pitiful streams of helpless civilians trekking through a blasted landscape of broken cities and barren fields’.
    • It does look like a nuclear bomb has hit - kilometres of blasted earth, with just a few shells of houses and the odd palm tree left standing amongst the wasteland.
    • Exploring the island by minibus, he finds a blasted landscape of rock and dust and minimal vegetation.
    • His smoky shots of blasted earth and gnashing machinery, spraying explosions and blackened pits create an oppressively alien landscape hostile to man and woman alike.


  • 1

    she's too blasted clever se pasa de lista informal