Translation of blather in Spanish:


parlotear, v.

Pronunciation /ˈblæðər/ /ˈblaðə/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    parlotear informal
    what are you blathering (on) about? ¿qué tonterías dices? informal


  • 1

    tonterías feminine
    chorradas feminine Spain informal
    stop your blather, will you? ¿quieres dejarte de decir tonterías? informal
    • That dried-up worthless twit once again obscures the real point with blather.
    • Real thinking should prevail, not blather.
    • The blather from both sides obscures the real, but largely hidden, agenda behind the tax cuts.
    • The article itself is the usual nonsensical blather about creating housing projects along ideological lines.
    • Why not drop in daily for your regular dose of nonsensical blather, rambling introspection and stolen links?
    • While these changes seem like legalese blather, they actually represent a significant change in policy.
    • Now, I've a great deal of respect for him, but clearly this is blather of the first order.
    • I think that between the heat and her blather, I might well have been physically sick if I'd had to attend.
    • I am not one for sentimental blather.
    • Most of it is uninspired blather - and usually wrong.
    • Now, I've no specific objection to one's needy compulsion to share mundane personal blather but, for myself, I find it pointless and distracting.
    • It's clear that for all his blather, he thought that he was taking a most un-courageous stand.
    • Is that just blather, or is it a reasonable comment?
    • This kind of blather, meaningless but essentially harmless, suggests that he might be perfectly suited to make the leap from show business to politics.
    • So I'm not inclined to edit tonight's blather for clarity.
    • Maybe the channel is having a hard time recruiting talking heads or something but I'm hearing an awful lot of this kind of bizarre blather lately.
    • There will also be the usual blather about healing wounds and moving on, but such false consolation will ring especially hollow this time around.
    • Just when we think we can't possibly bear any more, we're forced to endure another round of empty blather about how committed people are to improving this city.
    • Ironically, given all the contemporary blather about ethics, it's much easier for today's ethically challenged reporter to thrive.
    • Come on, let's hear some more of your childish blather.