Translation of blazing in Spanish:


en llamas, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbleɪzɪŋ/


  • 1

    (building) en llamas
    (torch) encendido
    • The dangers were highlighted as a 60p lighter combined with the blazing heat of the sun to destroy the interior of a car.
    • It was a fun way to pass the time, though, until lunch under the heat of the blazing sun.
    • In the desert courses you'll see the blazing sun causing heat waves on the road and an excellent long range blur effect.
    • It's exciting to conquer the road and terrains under the blazing heat of the sun when you are ready with best motorcycle parts and accessories!
    • As the sun set, the blazing heat dissipated to be replace by chilling winds that whipped at the Traveler's clothes and cut down to his bones.
    • There was a cold air about her, even in the blazing heat of the sun.
    • The personnel in most major bases missed the flares of re-entry heat against the blazing sun.
    • There was a gentle, cooling breeze off the waterfront to balance the heat from the blazing sun.
    • The bare interiors and golden dust in the blazing heat outside are still lives in this visually captivating movie.
    • Chris pulled his friend Josh outside into the blazing hot sun.
    • Farmer Peter MacSporran has proved more resilient even than the crops he has managed to grow under the blazing African sun.
    • They had to sit on the plane, minus its air conditioning, for two hours in blazing heat while the technical problem was looked at
    • The boatmen were sitting under a tree, out of the blazing heat.
    • As the morning rehearsal stretches into the blazing heat of the afternoon, we hear an announcement from down the hill.
    • He toured a 17th century fort in blazing heat as he made his first official engagement in Oman after a tour of India.
    • As a blazing summer sun anointed Wembley Stadium, superstars were instructed to leave their egos at the door.
    • He also commented on the lack of moisturiser as his skin burned, peeled and then peeled again in the blazing sun.
    • With the sun at its blazing best, can the thirst busters be far behind?
    • In the blazing noonday sun, they linger in bus stops, near temples, hotels, supermarkets and glitzy shops fronts.
    • It was a hot Thursday near the end of August; the sun was a blazing white eye.
  • 2

    (very hot, bright)
    (sun) abrasador
    (lights) resplandeciente
    it's blazing hot hace un calor abrasador / infernal
  • 3

    (eyes) centelleante
    (red) encendido
    (red) brillante
    (yellow/orange) brillante
  • 4informal

    (row/argument) violento
    she's got a blazing temper tiene muy mal carácter
    • he was blazing estaba que echaba chispas / que trinaba
    • The row began before Christmas when Councillor Jarvis threatened to resign after a blazing argument with a senior official during a meeting.
    • Our conversation turned into a blazing argument, about politics, the law, socialism, capitalism, you name it.
    • Most of us have had a blazing argument with our partner at some time.
    • A blazing argument ensued, and we finally, albeit grudgingly, compromised on a plan to leave the next day, in the late afternoon.
    • Yes, we still had arguments, sometimes blazing rows, but knowing we were in this for the long haul, we sat down and talked about it - and I mean really talked.
    • Everyone stared at me while I was having a blazing quarrel with my father.
    • Its life is about short-term conflicts, blazing rows in the pub, so to speak, mysterious plots and unfathomable motivations.
    • The KLF didn't just walk away from fame, they had a blazing row with it and then stormed out of the house swearing all kinds of revenge.
    • Timeshare sales representatives Wren and Brown are accused of dumping Hayden on a balcony at their apartment block during what police described as a blazing, drunken row.
    • There has been a series of public outbursts, the most recent being a blazing row between Independent councillor Chris Jarvis and interim manager Andrew Flockhart.
    • Sources claim the couple - who married last September after a whirlwind romance - have been having blazing rows and are on the verge of separating..
    • Smith, 62, left the guard with a bleeding hand after a blazing pre-Christmas row at the checkout of a convenience store in Wythenshawe.
    • Maguire reveals she had a blazing row with a priest who heard her confession in prison, because she would not ask for forgiveness for the offences for which she was convicted.
    • Wimbledon Magistrates' Court in south-west London heard that he had driven after drinking following a blazing row with his son Calum.
    • In the absence of either a big beast or big ideas there is one more thing which can catch the public imagination during an election campaign - a blazing row.
    • The couple were said to have had several blazing rows after Thomson confessed to the threesome while filming episodes of Cold Feet in Australia.
    • ‘If you find your child drunk, the last thing they need there and then is a huge, blazing row,’ she says.
    • The sisters then started a blazing row with the judges.
    • The radio alarm came and went, I dozed back off (dreaming of having a blazing row with my mother for some reason).
    • Still, Dale and Sheree had a blazing row about his sexuality.