Translation of blazon in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbleɪz(ə)n/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to blazon sth forth / abroad pregonar algo a voz en cuello
    • Predictably, the New York Times has enhanced these efforts by blazoning them on Page One.
    • Editors who blazon every rumour on their front pages, politicians who hold weekly press conferences on ‘international threat levels’ and policemen who boast their tally of menaces averted are the arms salesmen of terror.
    • Newspapers still blazoned headlines on the catastrophe, and articles described the bombing as the work of one man.
    • At the time of ‘the greatest manhunt in history’ Galt saw his name blazoned in banner headlines.
    • They do not want to see their names blazoned across the papers because they were out there protecting us.
    • The story was blazoned over front pages, complete with photos of Michelle, just as the government was about to launch its campaign to reassure young women of confidentiality over contraception or abortion help.
    • This month the subject was blazoned across the covers of such disparate magazines as U.S. News and World Report, Tikkun, Commentary, and Foreign Policy.
  • 2

    to be blazoned with sthliterary estar bordado / recamado de algo
    • At Fonthill the crest and the thirty-six quarterings of Beckford's full coat-of-arms were blazoned on the carpets and painted glass windows.
    • He touched the entwined dragons that were blazoned onto his skin.
    • Why would an occasional fisherman say this of a boat that a well-meaning NGO - its name blazoned on the side of the boat - gave him a few months ago?
    • This private altarpiece says little for the modesty of the canon, whose coat-of-arms with a hare is blazoned at the hem of the Virgin's robe in the corner of the picture.
    • After all I had the Times logo blazoned all over the sides of my vehicle and it was an Astra.
    • Yeah, he was pretty hot, but I doubted he owned a tee shirt that didn't have Abercrombie or American Eagle blazoned across it.
    • Just as he was finally feeling secure again, the moment he came up to the door which bore his name and title blazoned boldly on an antique brass plate, the dread returned yet again in full force.
    • Iris extended her arm and pointed at the insignia blazoned onto his jacket.