Translation of bleach in Spanish:


lejía, n.

Pronunciation /blitʃ/ /bliːtʃ/


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    lejía feminine
    blanqueador masculine Colombia, Mexico
    cloro masculine Central America, Chile
    lavandina feminine Argentina
    (with masculine article in the singular) agua Jane feminine Uruguay Trademark

transitive verb

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    (cloth) (in the sun) blanquear
    (cloth) (with bleach) poner en lejía
    the sun had bleached his hair el sol le había aclarado el pelo
    • we have to bleach your hair first primero tenemos que decolorarle el pelo
    • He had bleached his hair almost white and spiked it into a number of horns all over his head.
    • Mickey had short bleached-blonde hair and a sandpapery growth of stubble on his chin.
    • It is also possible to bleach paper through an oxidation process that uses no chlorine at all.
    • The problem is that if you used a home hair color kit to obtain a lighter color, your hair has been bleached and colored in a single process.
    • Sodium chlorite, hypochlorite, perborate, and peroxide are used to bleach paper, cotton, and rayon.
    • The solution used to bleach hair softens and swells the cuticles cells, but it also contain hydrogen peroxide to release oxygen.
    • Morgan stopped and looked up into the sky, the moon shining directly on his long hair, bleaching it so white, he looked like his brother.
    • The whole process involved first bleaching my hair to a shade lighter than my natural jet-black, and then applying the blue hair colour.
    • Thick, tousled hair bleached a near white from excessive sunlight twisted about his head, whipping and snagging in the wind's grasp.
    • Her hair was bleached blonde and swaying at her hips.
    • Paper is traditionally bleached with chlorine and chemicals derived from it (such as chlorine dioxide).
    • They say the boots are the perfect finishing touch for their artificial tans, bleached hair, white make-up and bright scanty skirts.
    • His features were similarly pleasant: dark brown hair, some strands bleached a lighter shade by the sun, intelligent eyes, and a strong nose and mouth.
    • In the early 1990s, 46 of the 145 pulp mills in Canada used various chlorine bleaching processes to whiten paper.
    • I had to gather it up and wash and bleach it to get the muddy paw prints out of the sheets.
    • CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta says some people have become tooth-bleaching junkies.
    • Somehow here, this battered and bleached hut is home to many poor people; they live off begged and stolen food, in a room blackened by the smoke of the struggling stove.
    • Everything (including most of the people) looked a bit bleached and tired in the hazy sunshine, an effect which is easily remedied by donning sunglasses with a brown tint.
    • Up to 75% of those who develop dermatitis are left with discoloured or bleached skin.
    • With each piece of bleached, dead coral washed ashore, the marine ecosystem comes that much closer to being a watery wasteland.
    • Baths foreman Frank Hardcastle had a four-day job of cleaning the tiles and bleaching the pool floor.
    • This can be made clean by bleaching it, boiling it and filtering it.
    • Between the two of us, we scrubbed and wiped and bleached that entire apartment clean over that night and the better part of the next day.
    • Pat washes off the dissection tray in the lab sink and puts it back on the table; bleaches the table as well because the teacher told him to.
    • Hong Kong newspapers show city workers hosing down walkways, disinfecting escalator railings and bleaching public washrooms.
    • If your grout (the material put between tiles to finish the surface and seal against leakage) is discolored, you might want to try and bleach and scrub it clean.
    • Of those that use a dishcloth or sponge, a third disinfect, boil or bleach it to keep it clean - the most effective methods.
    • It wasn't that bad but we do tend to leave boxes out there that won't fit in the bin and they needed to go, we finished the job off by bleaching and hosing everything down so it's all lovely and clean now.
    • Hoovered, washed up and bleached the bathroom, then headed out to work.
    • I'm very careful about what I eat and drink; I bleach everything in the condo, I wash my clothes carefully.
    • Then wash the bleached area with warm water and let it dry.
    • My mother bleached that damned doll five times, washed it solidly for two days before she would hand it over.

intransitive verb

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    (hair) aclararse
    (cloth) decolorarse
    (cloth) desteñir