Translation of bleary in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈblɪri/ /ˈblɪəri/

adjective blearier, bleariest

  • 1

    her eyes were bleary with tears tenía los ojos empañados / nublados de lágrimas
    • I feel a bit bleary estoy medio adormilado
    • You turn over in your half-sleep and try to read the numbers, but they blur before your bleary eyes.
    • The rocking of the rickety, old train and the whoosh and whir of the wheels teased our weary bodies and bleary eyes.
    • Ronald's bleary eyes widened in surprise when he saw his 15 year old son standing in front of him.
    • The screen would move in waves in front of my bleary eyes so I'd give up trying to make sense of the dancing letters after a few minutes.
    • Mrs Bargarz has opened a bleary eye and spotted my midnight endeavours.
    • I crawled into the day with bleary eyes and a slothful demeanour.
    • Everyone I've seen in London today has got bleary eyes, and is yawning.
    • Through bleary eyes, they watched in horror as a blaze devoured the house of one of their best-loved families.
    • Practically everyone I meet these days seems to have bleary eyes, scarlet noses and a croaking voice.
    • I eased a bleary eye through a crack in the curtains to get a foretaste of the weather.
    • The next morning brings heavy heads and bleary eyes, and a need for some fresh air.
    • The bleary eyes, he says, are down to a lack of sleep because of a faulty alarm on his motorbike.
    • It was after midnight, my eyes were bleary and my head was cloudy from drink.
    • He had not been sobbing but her cheeks were moist and his eyes were bleary.
    • Her eyes were still bleary from tears when he approached her, but they weren't tears of sadness or even regret.
    • Andrew rolled over and looked at her though still bleary eyes.
    • She would arrive late looking crumpled and haggard after a late night, with straggly hair and bleary eyes.
    • Once she had inhaled enough oxygen, Jynx peered up with bleary eyes only to find a pair of red eyes and a smirk staring down at her.
    • My eyes were bleary, and I just wanted to close them and go back to sleep.
    • He pulled a grimy handkerchief from his pocket and let fly with a wet honk into the rag, then he looked at them with bleary eyes.