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bleeding edge


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    • Believe me, when one is 26 years, single, working on the bleeding edge of technology in a superpower economy, earning somewhere around $100K, who will have the time to think about one's roots?
    • Letting a VC funded startup shoulder the cost for an expensive bleeding edge technology has historically been a very successful model.
    • It's also because the real action in media policy is on the bleeding edge of technology, where all the consequences are hypothetical.
    • Because the people who can afford to sit on the bleeding edge of technology are so rarely capable of even switching it on.
    • Such as it is, I've been complaining to myself, silently, that I no longer have the intuition and drive to sit on the bleeding edge of technology to report back to the masses as though I were nothing more than a glorified news anchor.
    • As quite frankly the fear of being in 2nd place or being less than a top ten tier is what keeps many companies in this industry on the bleeding edge of technology, whether that edge is make belief or for real.
    • Because this is a development box rather than a gaming machine, it's more important that a sound card be well supported with stable drivers than that it hug the bleeding edge of audio technology.
    • Convenience stores are not exactly on the bleeding edge of information technology, and having lots of locations can really be a problem for keeping track of the figures.
    • And to be on the bleeding edge of hip, people instinctively look for ‘the next thing,’ in order to be always seen as a leader, an early adopter, to distinguish oneself from the Joneses.
    • Download it to be at the bleeding edge of fashion (if it's not been default-installed with some other application first, without you knowing).
    • The bleeding edge people here understand and use RSS.
    • Unfortunately, there's nothing much else going on besides a shambolic topple off of the bleeding edge she's inhabited for so long.
    • The bleeding edge is just too expensive for minimal speed gains.
    • Blogging, if nothing else, is the bleeding edge of vanity publishing.
    • It's official: I am now (at least) several weeks behind the bleeding edge.
    • Typically my thoughts about my own voice have preceded the zeitgeist, and I am once again on the bleeding edge.
    • When I started, I was at the bleeding edge of communications.
    • We're that kind of place, y'know, on the bleeding edge and all that.
    • On the bad side, I feel that I'm never going to be at the bleeding edge of anything, save a slippery kitchen knife.
    • Top of the Pops is not, despite what it tries to tell you, a half hour anthology of the bleeding edge of pop music.