Translation of blender in Spanish:


licuadora, n.

Pronunciation /ˈblɛndər/ /ˈblɛndə/


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    licuadora feminine
    • But Clor are master blenders, cobbling together tasty unrelated nuggets and making them seem like sonic soul mates.
    • I try to purchase coffee from small B.C. blenders and roasters.
    • It is the complex task of a master blender to combine both malt and grain whisky to create a whisky with a more sophisticated taste.
    • Similarly, the quenching of thirst is only one possible use of time so that both tea blenders and beer brewers have a common interest in encouraging liquid refreshment breaks rather than TV watching.
    • But that's what happens when you throw two wars into the same economic blender as two tax cuts.
    • In 1997, Joy Spence became the first female master blender in the spirits industry.
    • The oil and fuel blending system consists of a drain pan for collecting the waste oil and a pump and blender with hoses.
    • Barrie had to nose more than upward of around 60,000 casks before becoming Glenmorangie's master blender.
    • Take your plastic containers, blender and paintbrush to your target location.
    • A mix of malts like the new Cardhu usually takes the name of the brand-owner or blender, not the distillery.
    • A professional tea taster, he was Typhoo's chief blender before joining Mumbo.
    • His talent, diligence and passion for whisky make him an exceptional master blender.
    • Glenmorangie's new master blender says she was born to the job.
    • It is the job of the tea blender - a tea taster of many years standing - to ensure that his company blend meets all the criteria.
    • Sherwin Williams chemical coatings is looking for a part-time paint blender.
    • In my second day of paintball ever, this thing just turned into a big ol' paint-blender.
    • When it comes to the character of whisky, the blender's nose is one of the most valuable instruments in the whole process - and his acute sense of smell is legendary.
    • Every licensed winegrower or wine blender shall report to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control his total gallonage of wine produced or blended for the 12-month period ending June 30th of each year.
    • I’m considering a career change: that of master wine blender.
    • The problem was that our tea blender made the entire building vibrate.