Translation of blind alley in Spanish:

blind alley

callejón sin salida, n.


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    callejón sin salida masculine
    • The nearby Jdeide Christian quarter - all narrow lanes, arched blind alleys and enigmatic mansions, and beits with elaborate doors - is predominantly Armenian.
    • I took several blind alleys whilst attempting to follow the 18th century street plan.
    • Traditional mazes have a way of getting in and out - they have lots of blind alleys, but the basic premise is that eventually a way out can be found.
    • Deco, Figo and Ronaldo kept being ushered down blind alleys where ambushes awaited.
    • One hour later, the car was cornered in a blind alley off Jinjing Lu and Jujin Lu and two knives and one hammer were found with the kidnapper.
    • A signboard proclaiming Question Papers Unlimited has sprung up on top of a non-descript building in a blind alley.
    • Hidden away in a blind alley is a video installation by Susan Norrie.
    • Finally, with a magnificent sense of the dramatic, we were pinioned by headlights against a wall in a blind alley.
    • In contrast, for many executive function tasks, the use of goals must be inferred from performance (e.g., the number of blind alleys entered on a maze task).
    • To the north and south, the reef is split by sandy ravines and long swimthroughs leading into cavelets, blind alleys and tiny passages.
    • One civilian, Scarlett Ray Dodd, armed with an M1 Carbine, led them into a blind alley behind the Mennonite Church and dispatched of the entire mob.
    • So I was led down blind alleys beneath high upturned eaves, through circular gateways and past piles of drying chillies.