Translation of blind side in Spanish:

blind side

lado ciego, n.


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    lado ciego masculine
    • And with maddening consistency, the easiest birds approach unsaluted from the blind side.
    • From Brennan's puck out, Waterford went back on the attack and Paul Flynn was lucky to be awarded a free in possession after he had fouled the ball on the blind side of referee, Tom McIntyre.
    • I didn't get riled when he bit me or when he put my arm in a lock on the blind side of the referee and tried to break it or when he headbutted me and opened up a cut that needed 17 stitches.
    • Veteran defender John Swales was lucky to escape as he blatantly handled to deny Constantine a clear run at goal but fortunately for him it was on the blind side of referee Mr Haslam, who had an excellent game.
    • Pateley left-back Dan Carrington was fortunate to escape with a clear handball in his own area but it was on the blind side of referee Brian Beecroft who had an outstanding game throughout.
    • Horsforth's frustration was clear to see and striker Connolly was fortunate to get away with a spiteful kick at John Mutton on the blind side of the referee.
    • Buck observes that he is very antisocial like Dave and just wants to get his job done, although Dave also learns by a bad experience that he does not like to be approached on his blind side.
    • We went round the blind side and came in low, at 100 ft.
    • Or being hit from the blind side by someone of far great avoirdupois and wondering how the frame survived.
    • Swift, decisive and up the blind side, Fernando Alonso has taken the world of Formula One by surprise.