Translation of blind trust in Spanish:

blind trust


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    fundación que administra en forma independiente los negocios de una persona que ocupa un cargo público
    • You could give as much as you wanted to as many politicians as you liked, but the money would go through a blind trust administered by the government.
    • When he was elected four years ago, he put all his business interests into a blind trust - and he'll take them back in a little less than two months.
    • A blind trust is meant to prevent politicians having specific knowledge of their own investments so that there can be no accusations of undue influence on government policy.
    • This becomes even more difficult when a newly elected official must put their personal assets into a blind trust for others to manage.
    • The government has always denied this, insisting that funding for the office was supplied through a blind trust, whose trustees alone knew the origins of all donations.
    • Many politicians with business interests opt to put their investments in blind trusts while in office, but because Bloomberg's stake is so large and not in public stock, a blind trust wouldn't solve the problem.
    • Selig is a partial owner of the Milwaukee Brewers; his share of the team is in a blind trust while he's commissioner.
    • Yetming said Public Affairs Minister Dr Lenny Saith, when he was a minister during a previous PNM administration, put a company which owned a mall into a blind trust managed by Scotia Trust.
    • In an attempt to defuse a political row over what was claimed to be the Blairs' breach of the rules governing Ministers' blind trusts, No 10 issued a letter from Sir Andrew to Shadow Deputy Prime Minister David Davis.
    • The first is to have officers put his private holdings in a blind trust or to divest them.
    • Unable to find a buyer for the CBA, Thomas placed the the league in a blind trust upon joining the Pacers.
    • Frist reported blind trusts valued at between $6.5 million and $31 million.
    • He had resigned from the company board when he took up his new cabinet post, but had put 12 shares - 3 percent of the company - that he had bought in the firm for £15,000 into a blind trust for his sons.
    • Putting financial assets in a blind trust ensures the MP cannot be guilty of any conflict of interest because he does not see specific details of his investments.
    • Selig qualifies - he's a fellow lord, the former owner of the Brewers whose stake in the team is in a blind trust.
    • Mr Blair, backed by Cabinet Secretary Sir Andrew Turnbull, this week decided that although the properties were purchased through a blind trust set up to protect him from any conflict of interest, he had not breached the code.
    • Senator Frist's office points out that he voluntarily put this into a blind trust to try to deal with that in recent years.
    • At present, he has a blind trust and is not aware of the investments in the trust.
    • Of course, those in office set themselves up in blind trusts to ensure they have no direct doings with their financial affairs while in office.
    • As well as outlining plans for the blind trust, the ministers reiterated warnings that they were considering banning food advertising targeted at children.