Translation of blinding in Spanish:


cegador, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈblaɪndɪŋ/ /ˈblʌɪndɪŋ/


  • 1

    (light/glare) cegador
    (light/glare) deslumbrador
    (light/glare) enceguecedor Latin America
    it came to me in a blinding flash se me ocurrió de repente
    • There was a blinding flash of white light as the blade struck home.
    • Photographers following Diana and Dodi claimed they saw a blinding flash of light as Diana's car entered the underpass where it went out of control.
    • The cold darkness was suddenly lit brightly by a blinding flash of light.
    • They never came to her as a trance or a blinding flash of light, only in nightmares and dreams.
    • I'd lost my hat, the sun was blinding, we were both thirsty and trying not to think about it.
    • The sun was blinding as it reflected off the sheer surface of the hill.
    • The fluorescent lighting in the room was nearly blinding and my head hurt like hell.
    • It had stopped snowing, the sun was out, and the glare off of all the clean white snow was downright blinding.
    • He opened his blue-green eyes and looked into the most blinding light he had ever seen.
    • A sudden blinding, flashing, light filled the room, and I had to squeeze my eyes shut momentarily in order to shield my eyes.
    • Their cursed digital cameras flared out those blinding blue and green lights throughout the concert.
    • As soon as Pearl, Ben and I walk in, we are met by loud rap and blinding, colorful lights coming from the ceiling.
    • She tried to squeeze her eyes closed, the light blinding to the sight, as she rolled over onto her side, to try and return to sleeping.
    • A deafening explosion and blinding flash filled the night sky.
    • The brightness that suddenly filled my vision was blinding.
    • Suddenly a blinding spark of lightning filled the sky and a huge roar of thunder filled the sky.
    • Suddenly a light pierced through and she shielded her eyes from the sudden blinding glow.
    • All of a sudden a blinding amber glow shone at him from all sides, it's orange tint warming him as he descended.
    • He suddenly missed the hellish heat and the blinding sun of Orlando.
    • The sky was white, a stark, blinding white that pooled down on grass and made it look pale - icy, almost.
  • 2

    (headache/pain) atroz
    (rage) ciego
    • A swollen jaw and blinding pain made worse by gentle breezes on the cheek indicate a trip to the dentist is necessary.
    • And with that said her hands began to move, carefully applying pressure at particular points to help ease the blinding pain.
    • A blinding pain burns in my left shoulder, and I yell in pain.
    • ‘Find me something else to take that will get rid of the blinding pain, and I'll happily stop taking it,’ she said sharply.
    • A hand went up and blinding pain in my nose made me stop.
    • She stayed standing, though her leg throbbed with blinding pain.
    • Suddenly all of her senses were screaming warning, but it was too late to react as a blinding pain shot from the crown of her cranium to the soles of her feet.
    • All she could feel was the searing, blinding pain in her belly.
    • The same blinding agony from the last bout of memories surfaces, only this time the pain is worse, and seems to last for hours.
    • Shaking his head softly, to get rid of the excess water, he winced as it throbbed with a blinding ache.
    • There was a shocking, blinding ache in my arm but I ignored it, dashing to Vik's side.
    • Ted faced the assembly, a deep pain in his chest, blinding headache behind his eyes, and a choking bitter lump in his throat.
    • Another blinding wave of pain made Darius cringe.
    • Never in Queensland's political history has one bottle of wine caused such a blinding headache.
    • The colors are blinding, the fast cuts almost nauseating.
    • Their eyes meet for one blinding, uniting moment, and he sees her finally, not reflected, not invisible, but her, at last and only, her.
    • Next, the level of serotonin plummets causing the blood vessels to dilate and creating blinding, throbbing headaches.
    • Then suddenly he felt a blinding hit at the base of his skull, which sent him back into a black abyss.
    • My love for you is true and fills my mind and heart with a blinding passion that simply overwhelms me.
    • It was blinding hot yesterday, so witness me burnt, and then today it absolutely lashed it down.