Translation of bling in Spanish:


bling bling, n.

Pronunciation /blɪŋ/


informal Clothing
  • 1

    (moda que consiste en adornarse ostentando riqueza mediante joyas caras, ropa de marca, pieles, relojes, etc) bling bling masculine
    • So hot here right now - all I'm wearing is my bling - chilling with a beer - respect!
    • The wearing of bling-bling is both a fashion statement and a display of power.
    • It's clear that she doesn't understand that she can't take her bling with her to prison.
    • With rock music chasing its own tail, and hip-hop disappearing under a mountain of bling, where do we turn for meaningful popular music?
    • The four lads who bought bling into the world of the British boy band are parting ways.
    • All "they" want is old money, white tie bling - champagne, caviar, and chauffeured limousines.
    • All in all, I had hoped for a few costume changes and a bit more out and out 'bling'.
    • If a press release for this album exists, I'm willing to bet that it rails against "bling."
    • Keep it simple - keep any bling bling to a minimum.
    • I'm into jewellery, but I'm not into bling.
    • What on earth is wrong with a bit of bling bling?
    • He wore a sleek black suit, black shirt and black tie and had his share of bling - a diamond watch, a shiny black bracelet and diamond and gold earrings in both earlobes.
    • In sum, he wears more bling than most movie stars on Oscar night.
    • In a world where, for many young people, it's all about the 'bling', my advice to young folks is to work hard and be willing to do the grunt work.
    • In the era of bling you just need the right attitude, the right style and plenty of front!
    • His penchant for fast cars, castles, horses, jets, yachts, game lodges and bling is well chronicled.
    • A word about the costumes, though; far too much bling.
    • There are no sharp suits, palatial estates or sports cars; young punks are wearing the same shirt for several days rather than flashing bling.
    • He was wearing what they call in the trade "a lot of bling".
    • The plaques recording connections with famous residents are usually blue but this one was gilded to reflect the star's love of bling.