Translation of blinking in Spanish:


intermitente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈblɪŋkɪŋ/

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  • 1

    (light) intermitente
  • 2British informal

    what a blinking nerve! ¡qué cara! informal
    • what a blinking idiot! ¡qué tipo más imbécil!
    • Well, a lot more flipping interesting than the blinking Suburbs, I reckoned.
    • As he passed the mobile back, the driver muttered in Thai something to the effect that all foreigners are a blinking nuisance.
    • It's still happening - it's a blinking nightmare.
    • Photocopy pages from a travel guide: don't take the whole blinking book, and look like an idiot tourist while trying to find page 576.
    • The real problem is I don't want to be a blinking teacher at all, despite the fact that I like the children.
    • We're still nowhere near knowing who the blinking flip the guy actually is.
    • What the blinking blazes was going on with all those votes?
    • My outgoings were less than my incomings this month… and about blinking time too.
    • And a whole blinking decade later, it might be possible to wonder what you were on at the time.
    • I ran the entire bath but it was too cold and then the blinking water ran out.
    • I look back at the passengers, some of whom are blinking trying to work out what his issue is.
    • We have no blinking idea how to program that yet.
    • As in, I can't put the blinking nets up because I am too short.
    • This rhetoric could only reassure if you were a blinking idiot and hadn't seen any news coverage of the current situation at all.
    • What in the blinking blue blazes is he talking about?
    • How many symptoms of utter blinking derangement can you count in the two lead sentences of the story?
    • At least I have the screen shot of it to remind me of passing blinking Level 9.


  • 1

    condenadamente informal