Translation of blissfully in Spanish:


con gran felicidad, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈblɪsfəli/ /ˈblɪsf(ə)li/


  • 1

    (smile/sigh) con gran felicidad
    she was blissfully unaware of what was going on ella, muy tranquila, ni cuenta se daba de lo que estaba pasando
    • they were blissfully happy eran completamente felices
    • A blissfully smiling woman reclines on the bed, pregnant, her mate's hand on her belly.
    • The story is of a French army captain and his wife, who are blissfully married.
    • They are, as all honeymooners should be, blissfully happy.
    • Othello arrives and is blissfully reunited with Desdemona before confirming the destruction of the Turkish fleet.
    • Later, while working as a dairymaid on a prosperous farm, she becomes blissfully engaged to the clergyman's son.
    • They remain unchallenged and blissfully satisfied because the fundamental principles that guide the creation of their music remain unquestioned.
    • He is blissfully shocked to see his son alive and well.
    • We're expected to blissfully nod our heads in acceptance of the entertainment, as every single main character dies a miserable, painful death.
    • My oxygen lackadaisically floats away while I meander blissfully along the last few yards of the surface leading to Everest's crest.
    • He enlists the art-house talents of Maggie and Tony, cinema's most blissfully yearning on-screen couple.