Translation of blithely in Spanish:


alegremente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈblaɪðli/ /ˈblʌɪðli/


  • 1

    he seemed blithely unconcerned tenía un aire risueño y despreocupado
    • He fails to grasp the structural teleology of a composition, blithely ignoring any real legato.
    • The <i>Times</i> columnist was blithely condescending to the songwriting team's canon.
    • Indeed, the fiction of an Australia blithely indifferent to America is the single-most unrealistic aspect of the film.
    • His family is blithely unaware of his nature.
    • There is hardly a trace of social realism in this concerto, which seems blithely unconcerned about the world around it.
    • Like just about everyone else in the film, she is hedonistic and blithely self-involved.
    • He puts blinders on and sees nothing but the flaws, while blithely overlooking the soul of the message, and the innocence of the delivery.
    • Throughout his reign, he blithely ruled as he thought right and did little to explain himself.
    • Most animals blithely ignore the dead bodies of other members of their pack or herd.