Translation of block in Spanish:


bloque, n.

Pronunciation /blɑk/ /blɒk/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (of wood) bloque masculine
      (of stone) bloque masculine
      (of stone) sillar masculine
      alphabet/building blocks cubos de letras/de construcción
      • the executioner's block el tajo del verdugo
      • he was sent to the block lo condenaron a ser decapitado
      • She took out a large knife from the cutting block and sliced a piece of cheese, promptly eating one.
      • Extracting a block of wood and a knife he held it up to her from his seat on the floor.
      • Other materials for terraces include bricks, rocks, concrete blocks, and similar masonry materials.
      • There, as it had been during his initial inspection, was a stone block wall just as solid as any other in the castle.
      • You're going to need a paved surface, concrete blocks, Tarmac even, so the delivery vehicles can get to the shops by the river.
      • The upper guide had a steel roller at the back of the saw with hard maple side blocks.
      • Its walls are made of solid stone blocks weighing over sixty tons each.
      • The surface of gravel or blocks set on stone provides another permeable layer.
      • In their traditional form, glass blocks are set like bricks or concrete blocks - one block at a time in slow, carefully constructed rows.
      • Common building materials are concrete blocks and bricks.
      • Now it resembled a low fortress wall with blocks of stone evenly cut and dressed, and white lines to guide devotees on moonless nights.
      • The strapping is used for a wide range of materials such as bricks, blocks, briquettes and tiles.
      • It was like we were sitting on opposite sides of a block of marble.
      • This guy has built various mathematical surfaces from lego blocks and some of them look amazingly intricate.
      • These huge, isolated blocks of rock look as though they should not be there.
      • We waited two more months, saving enough to purchase 1,500 concrete blocks for the basement walls.
      • An Incan wall of irregular stone blocks, fitted together so precisely that even after centuries of earthquakes it is not possible to fit a piece of paper between the joints.
      • It is hoped to build a block wall faced with stone as soon as possible.
      • It is unfashionable to say so, but there is something powerfully evocative about this block of stone.
      • Alex indicated a small, wooden block embedded in the stone floor.
      • All the features, including stone blocks, wooden and steel doors and even the ironmongery, were hand-carved by the company's craft experts.
      • One of the beds is even held up by a stack of wooden blocks!

    • 1.2starting blockSport

      taco de salida masculine
      to be first off the blocks ser el primero en la salida
      • This also limits his ability to make downfield blocks on linebackers.
      • Moss, meanwhile, began running out every pattern, even when he was a decoy, and he started throwing blocks downfield.
      • Dilger doesn't hesitate to sell out on a block downfield or on the line.
      • He's a good athlete who has the ability to get downfield and make blocks.
      • Miss a block and a teammate will be dealt a devastating blow.
      • He can pull on running plays and screens and get downfield to throw a block.
      • He is smart, quick and agile enough to make blocks downfield, but lacks the initial pop to be an outstanding guard.
      • His exceptional quickness and agility allow him to get downfield and make blocks at the second level of the defense.
      • Bell is usually the first one downfield on punts, fighting through blocks and disrupting the return.
      • When it comes to communicating the importance of a movement, a block, a play, or a game, Davis has few equals.
      • He is very good in space, whether it's pulling on wide plays or getting a downfield block.
      • He's not quick enough to defeat blocks in the run game to pursue backside running plays and is a liability in coverage.
      • He was the bulldozer for college football's most punishing running attack, with the pancake block being his trademark.
      • Driver caught seven passes for 78 yards and executed several downfield blocks.
      • Wand has long arms, but he doesn't use them to his advantage to gain leverage and maintain blocks.
      • He picked up four late wickets by virtue of keeping the ball up in the blockhole.
      • Exactly half of his deliveries were on a good length, and while he banged 18 in short, another 11 were pitched well up in the blockhole.
      • He misses, the ball lands in the block hole, and makes contact with the pads.

    • 1.3Printing

      (of metal) plancha feminine
      (of wood) placa feminine
      (of wood) taco masculine
      • He has a predilection for wallpaper and wrapping paper, to which he applies repetitive motifs using stamps made from cut and engraved blocks of wood dipped in printer's ink or paint.
      • The printing blocks are made of wood, metal and other materials.
      • The goal is to provide practical experience about block printing and registration of blocks.
      • For multi-color printing several blocks had to be carved - one for each color.
      • The artist could carve an image onto wooden or metal blocks, ink the block and impress it on paper.

    • 1.4(of paper)

      bloc masculine
      • The blocks of paper demolished the wall that was being repaired by builder David Gott after they were flung from the vehicle on the sharp corner bend approaching Keighley Road from Colne.
      • A large conference table and whiteboard occupied one side of the room; the other side was filled with desks, notebooks and drawing blocks.
      • if you want to make good watercolor sketches, pick up a block<(em> of watercolor paper in some portable size.
      • And her eye falls on a ball-point pen, which is innocently lying on top of a block of squared paper.
      • I had my notes, a block of standard A4 lined refill paper for my essays and a sketchbook for art.

  • 2

    (at auction)
    (para subastas) plataforma feminine
    they are putting their boat on the block next week la semana que viene subastan su barco
    • Braille music uses the same system of raised dots on paper as standard Braille, with the top four dots in a block of six giving the note and the bottom two indicating its duration.
    • A block of 55,500 Petrol shares was sold at 14.31 and another 129,500 shares at 14.32.
    • The therapy involves undertaking six-week blocks of different exercises, spread over a year, with the aim of stimulating a part of the brain called the cerebellum.
    • The order of presentation of these blocks was completely randomized across participants.
    • Each participant completed three blocks of 120 trials, one for each of the difficulty levels.
    • The surgical suite allocates Dr Jones two eight-hour blocks per week to complete his elective cases.
    • If he has completed his initial block, he keeps moving, looking for someone else to hit.
    • These spirals were three and four years long each, so for all intents and purposes they were blocks.
    • All subjects completed five blocks of 15 learning trials.
    • Each subject completed 10 blocks of 10 practice trials.
    • All of the participants completed both blocks with the order of completion counterbalanced across participants.
    • Each block or placement is completed in a different facility.
    • You will most likely sleep in two hour blocks at completely random times throughout the day.
    • The expressions were ordered in a random way rather than in blocks of expressions with the same algebraic structure.
    • These items were added as a block to the entire questionnaire.
  • 3

    • 3.1

      (space enclosed by streets) manzana feminine
      (distance between two streets) cuadra feminine Latin America, US
      (distance between two streets) calle feminine Spain, US
      we went for a walk around the block fuimos a dar una vuelta a la manzana
      • it's eight blocks from here está a ocho cuadras de aquí
      • At the same time in DC, three intimidating looking black guys pulled up in front of a big house on a tree-lined block in a suburban neighborhood.
      • The Trust owns about 70 percent of four blocks in that area.
      • Regular maintenance of the street ended after three blocks and the area beyond looked rougher.
      • On the block where I lived, I remember seeing a young woman hunched over in pain, weeping hysterically.
      • Long lines of cars, taxis and buses coiled around city blocks and suburban streets.
      • The Marines found that one out of every four city blocks contained a major weapons storage area.
      • The houses were arranged in blocks, with four houses to every side of a block.
      • As a result, he photographed and described street blocks and individual houses.
      • One of the residents said the area's council blocks had been transformed since the project started.
      • There are five different Vinyl Japan stores in the same block, four if you don't count the house/dance music store.
      • On the same block four months later, a construction worker renovating a house made a dreadful discovery.
      • This map does not register streets or blocks of houses, but consists of the sheer movements of real people.
      • The family lives on a close-knit block in suburban Chicago.
      • Just down the street from me, for example, there's a block with several boarded-up houses on it.
      • Somebody's already started going around my block in an ice cream van - before the daffodils are even certain of themselves yet.
      • As she shoved the note back into her book, the sound of several storm doors could be heard along the block as some of the late kids ran to catch the bus.
      • In particular, there is concern over several blocks along Fifth and Forbes Avenues in the center of town.
      • Now the former residents are being resettled in distant, high-rise residential blocks.
      • I would never backpack or turn a somersault or jump to the ground from even the most modest height or run the length of half a block.
      • Interior hallways run nearly the length of a city block, and could have resembled an endless, generic motel corridor.
      • Although the distance to the pool was only about the length of a short block, my feet felt as though they were about to fall off because they were so cold.
      • He had only seen her from a distance, from a block away, but that had been enough, and he was determined never to see her up close.
      • A vigil every 20 blocks for the whole length of Manhattan.
      • In no time at all the said queue stretched the entire length of the block.
      • Broadway is a few blocks distant but worlds away from the cultural corridor along Grand Avenue.
      • At about the same time, a few blocks from Mrs. Rider, a woman and her children awoke and began vomiting.
      • She sat sullenly the last three blocks, tension mounting within her.
      • A few arrests were made when protesters tried to break through barricades set up within two blocks of the Garden along the march route.
      • I'm pretty sure you can obtain all those things within 2 or 3 blocks along Melrose Blvd. in Hollywood.
      • We walked along the piers seven blocks then up the hill to the Pike Street Market.
      • They could hear the noise from the crowd when they were a block away, along with the sounds of the band tuning up.
      • And the water can enter the system from an area three, four blocks, a mile away.
      • It's five blocks to the mall in the opposite direction from the school, four blocks past my house.
      • I took this photo this morning on a street a couple of blocks from my house.
      • She made her way to the corner store four blocks from her house.
      • Allie's house was only four blocks away so we decided to walk there.
      • Nora was walking down the street a couple of blocks away from my house.
      • They walked up the four blocks to the coffee house.

    • 3.2(building)

      a block of flats un edificio de apartamentos
      • an office block un edificio de oficinas
      • the shower block el pabellón de las duchas

  • 4

    (of income) parte feminine
    (of text) sección feminine
    (of text) bloque masculine
    (of shares) paquete masculine
    (of seats) sección feminine
    (of tickets) taco masculine
    • When speaking about hypertext, it refers specifically to blocks of text connected by hyperlinks.
    • Maybe you type the same blocks of text into your email messages thirty times a day.
    • Text messaging, which allows blocks of text up to 160 characters long to be sent, has been a huge success with 50 million being sent in Britain alone every day.
    • The method is well suited for use in a microprocessor-based modem operating on blocks of data.
    • For example, one informant disliked scrolling to read columns and preferred page-wide blocks of text.
  • 5

    bloque masculine
  • 6

    • 6.1(blockage)

      obstrucción feminine
      bloqueo masculine
      I have a complete block about left and right siempre me armo un lío con la derecha y la izquierda
      • he has a mental block about physics tiene un bloqueo mental con la física
      • Secondly a whole set of conditions have been placed on the developing world, many of which have been seen by campaigners and the nations themselves, as a block to necessary progress.
      • If you break the rules of existence, there's usually a block to progress until you have connected things.
      • A high-profile civil case would mean lurid newspaper headlines and act as a block to any possibility of restarting a television career.
      • The public system as a whole is seen as a block to that market.
      • I refuse to believe that the colour of my skin is a block to achieving whatever I want to be.
      • It had just become too expensive (and was becoming a block to ‘free’ trade).
      • Indeed, I fear that serial co-habitation could actually be a block to marriage with parties becoming afraid of making the commitment.
      • It goes to reinforce my jaded view that the media are a block to reasoned public debate, the open society, and education.
      • Also, overcoming the obstacle of having these blocks put in the path - they're not willing to settle for less than what they're capable of doing.
      • The major problem that emerges is voltage leaks, which cause the chip to heat up considerably and ultimately put a block on progress.
      • But you put up mental and emotional blocks around your mind.
      • The result was ‘a writing block which went on for a long time, and I am sure it was because I was afraid to say what I wanted, what mattered to me’.
      • Maybe he has a writing block because he doesn't smoke.
      • The writing block that plagued him for years has started to lift.

    • 6.2(obstacle)

      obstáculo masculine
      block to sth obstáculo para algo

    • 6.3(embargo)

      bloqueo masculine
      to put a block on sth bloquear algo

  • 7

    • 7.1(in boxing, fencing)

      bloqueo masculine
      parada feminine

    • 7.2(in volleyball, US football)

      bloqueo masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(obstruct)

      (road/entrance) bloquear
      you're blocking my way me estás impidiendo / bloqueando el paso
      • that fat man is blocking my view ese gordo no me deja ver
      • The road was blocked off and the 93 bus couldn't get through, so I caught another one which took me all around the houses, but it was still stuck in traffic.
      • Emergency services were called and the road was blocked off.
      • Major roads were blocked off, threatening huge traffic disruption.
      • A group of young men hanging out in the middle of the road blocked her passage.
      • They cannot risk the frequent delivery delays that occur when the motorway is blocked by road works or accidents.
      • The second trailer remained upright as the truck slid to the wrong side of the road, blocking the highway.
      • All the street was blocked off and there were so many people outside.
      • New Street was blocked off and police diverted traffic onto High Street.
      • She was blocking the road and cars behind her and in front of her were unable to move.
      • We turned right and, sure enough, the road was blocked and the car park boarded off and derelict.
      • ‘The parked cars block the road and leave nowhere for anyone to pull in,’ he said.
      • In those cases, the fuelers usually set up on a major road that was blocked off for fueling operations.
      • As well as blocking the hospital drive there have been problems with cars blocking the road and parking in the driveways of houses.
      • The truck was greeted at the end of the approach road by a number of tractors which blocked the passage and proceeded slowly along the two mile journey.
      • A portion of this tube may be causing you difficulty due to narrowing or a growth blocking the passage of food and liquids.
      • A waste disposal lorry and a pick-up truck crashed on a narrow bridge, blocking a main road.
      • But police radioed ahead and blocked off the narrow road with a police pick-up truck, finally bringing the Toyota to a stop.
      • A truck parked in the middle of the narrow street blocked the road.
      • While allowing the bus stops in the road, care must be taken to avoid buses being parked right opposite to each other on busy roads and blocking entire flow of traffic.
      • They literally bulldozed aside the police cars blocking the road.
      • Fortunately I think our firewall had been blocking the access attempts, but the popup ads were still happening.
      • But this Council finds the idea distasteful and is blocking every attempt to find a suitable location.
      • Can you blame the Senate blocking his half-baked attempts at policy formulation?
      • Known as ‘the nuclear option’, the Democrats blocked the attempt.
      • The army sent out a force of sixty men to retrieve him but the attempt was blocked and the group was surrounded by the Apaches.
      • But when injuries are less obvious or workers seem uncooperative, companies often block every attempt to seek benefits.
      • The company initially tried to block attempts by this newspaper last week to inspect parts of its shareholder register, a public document.
      • New temporary barriers have been installed to block any other attempts by vehicles to cross the bridge.
      • Under the ancien régime these two powerful groups had often blocked princely attempts to rationalize and centralize the administration.
      • Opposition Conservative MPs blocked an attempt by the government to fine the companies $250,000 a day for contempt of Parliament.
      • His replacement as senior consultant blocks an attempt for him to be awarded emeritus status.
      • She heard him curse softly and then he shifted his wait, effectively blocking her attempt at freedom.
      • She was overjoyed at this but as she tried to merge with it something powerful blocked her attempts.
      • The management has consistently refused to grant concessions on economic issues and has worked to block attempts at employee organization.
      • Given they both own more than 25% of shares, either side could block a takeover attempt by the other.
      • First, they block unauthorized attempts to reach and then damage or take control of your system.
      • Government officials, knowing that the findings would likely be negative and fearful that they would leak, blocked the effort.

    • 1.2

      (drain/sink) atascar
      (drain/sink) tapar Latin America
      my nose is blocked tengo la nariz tapada

  • 2

    • 2.1(prevent)

      (progress/attempt) obstaculizar
      (progress/attempt) impedir
      (funds/account/sale) congelar
      (funds/account/sale) bloquear
      • In his evidence, he said that if the acquisition was blocked, it would have been a waste of a ‘tremendous amount of time and energy’.
      • This has been blamed for blocking overseas-bound investment by mainland enterprises.
      • Foreign financial institutions are required to block the funds and assets of such groups.
      • In such circumstances, post-merger performance in the relevant market may be no worse than market performance had the merger been blocked and the assets left the market.
      • Over the weekend, legislators passed a law blocking access for three years to hard currency held in high-interest accounts with the country's two state banks.
      • By building up a sizeable stake they will control enough equity in the company to block a compulsory takeover by another bidder.

    • 2.2Sport

      (ball/opponent) bloquear
      • He brought his stave up and I quickly dropped my left hand, dealing him a one-handed blow on the side off his arm before bringing my own stave up to block his blow.
      • Every single one of his intended blows was blocked and parried, even when the man tripped and fell backwards.
      • Two shots were blocked but the ball eventually fell to Chambers who slotted it into the far corner.
      • He has such explosive leaping ability he can block anyone's shot.
      • He is a very good athlete who can block shots and has a good shooting stroke.
      • He was unable to pierce the field and his method of blocking the ball with soft hands close to the wickets to pinch quick singles just didn't work.
      • And with the Aussie bowling around the wicket into the rough, he is content to let the ball hit his front pad and block the over out.
      • He declined to play attacking shots for the best part of his stay at the crease, not even looking to score, and instead blocked, padded up or left the ball alone.
      • The difference between him and everyone else was that he would hit a 50-50 ball that anyone else would leave or block, and hit it with immense force.

  • 3

  • 4

    (address/paragraph) alinear
    • The idea of blocking access where someone is using a lot of bandwidth just doesn't work.
    • It was a matter of blocking the critical political web sites.
    • If requested by police it can block telephone numbers to stop someone calling out, including texting.
    • Today, Firefox blocked it to disable a security vulnerability that affects it.
    • A separate debate over Internet monitoring in Germany broke out last month as federal lawmakers approved legislation to allow websites containing child pornography to be blocked.
    • And in the meantime, I'd have someone hide the medical encyclopaedia and block your access to all medical websites, if at all possible.
    • Obviously, not all spam filters work that well, but this seems like a really odd choice as a way to block spam.
    • It will not block pop-ups unless users enable the feature.
    • Thanks for reviewing and no, I don't think your reviews are like hell for me because if I did, I would have already blocked you.
    • However, the list is effective at blocking the most egregious spammers so it should result in a significant reduction in spam.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • On passes, the offense relies on tight ends to block linebackers and sometimes defensive ends.
    • He suffered the injury when he was blocked low on a screen pass.
    • Supposedly he managed to retain his agility as he put on weight, which should help him in pulling and getting out to block linebackers.
    • The team's backs and tight ends have problems blocking linebackers.
    • The Giants' only score of the game - a touchdown in the third quarter - came when they blocked one of our punts and recovered it in the endzone.