Translation of block capitals in Spanish:

block capitals

letras mayúsculas de imprenta, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    letras mayúsculas de imprenta feminine
    mayúsculas de imprenta feminine
    • The note was written in block capital letters in rough handwriting in red ink.
    • Their names are proudly written in block capital letters in an arc above their heads.
    • It is written in block capital letters on a plain sheet of notepaper, and signed in block capitals rather than handwriting, making it impossible to determine if he actually wrote the note.
    • She made a lasting impression on me - from major decisions like studying Chemistry at university to small things like the way I write my capital E's when doing block capitals.
    • Almost everything would be italicised; many words would be in block capitals; new fonts would have to be invented.
    • The article proceeded to spell out the word in block capitals, replacing asterisks and leaving nothing to the imagination.
    • This involves using the tip of your index finger to trace out letters of the alphabet in block capitals on the palm of the person you are communicating with.
    • They all wear a brown uniform with their names printed in block capitals on the front.
    • Mic has printed this next bit in block capitals for emphasis: ‘I DON'T CARE,’ and next to that, an arrow leading up back to his previous observation.
    • There was no way that I was going to write out some 347 words of waffle in block capitals, so I decided to print out what I'd written and stick it onto the form instead.
    • When I showed up at the door, the officious receptionist behind the desk made me fill in a registration form in block capitals - name, employer, phone number, all the usual stuff.
    • From my schoolbag I pulled a brand new exercise book, blank apart from my name written in block capitals on the front page.
    • I wrote a very polite note - albeit using block capitals - and placed it by the front door, kindly asking if my letters could be returned.
    • Crammed into eight lines in block capitals, the postcards ask after family and friends and wish a happy birthday to a much-loved brother.
    • He provided only his name, address and date of birth in block capitals.
    • What he knows about this legislation we could write in block capitals on a postage stamp.
    • She writes each routine only once, in very clear block capitals, in pencil so she can erase and rework.