Translation of blog in Spanish:


blog, n.

Pronunciation /blɑɡ/ /blɒɡ/


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    blog masculine
    bitácora electrónica feminine
    bitácora de Internet feminine
    weblog masculine
    • I'm talking about a tightly woven group of citizens united by web cams, blogs, pod casts and instant messages.
    • Insider blogs - employee blogs, sanctioned but not controlled by the company they work for.
    • A blog, or web log to give the term its full name, is basically a journal available for other people to read on the web.
    • I'm still surprised by the amount of people in the media who don't know what a weblog or a blog is.
    • Consumers are starting to use weblogs, or blogs, as guides to what they should and shouldn't buy, finds a survey.
    • Do people get the distinction between journalism blogs and blogs as personal diary?
    • The connections have caused a firestorm of speculation on Internet blogs and in chat rooms.
    • Weblogs, or blogs for short, are a cross between a diary, a web site, and an online community.
    • At the root of this problem is the confusion between the blog tool and the blog content.
    • What the book is, in fact, is the printed version of a blog, before blogs were invented.
    • Web logs or blogs are everywhere, with at least an estimated five million on the web and that number is set to grow.
    • It is known as blogging and results in bizarre websites called blogs.
    • This audience has gradually become better known to me through their own blogs, comments, webpages and emails.
    • Teen bloggers can, in fact, limit access to their blogs to selected friends on their instant messaging buddy list.
    • So far as I can make out, the only people who read blogs are other bloggers.
    • Thousands of individuals took to their computers to discuss the issues on their own Internet web pages, or blogs as they are known.
    • As blogs are relatively new and interesting, they did a large-scale marketing campaign.
    • I'm not really in the mood to write blogs, read blogs, or make comments.
    • I'm not sure if having separate boxes for blogs and blog comments is really working?
    • Most blog software imbues the end result with a blog format purely by virtue of its use.