Translation of blood in Spanish:


sangre, n.

Pronunciation /bləd/ /blʌd/


  • 1

    sangre feminine
    to get sb's blood up
    to give blood dar / donar sangre
    • to get blood out of / from a stone sacar agua de las piedras
    • trying to get information from him is like trying to get blood out of a stone a él hay que sacarle la información con sacacorchos / con tirabuzón
    • you can't get blood out of a stone no se le puede pedir peras al olmo
  • 2

    (lineage, family)
    sangre feminine
    of noble/Spanish blood de sangre noble/española
    • it runs in their blood lo llevan en la sangre
    • blood tie lazo de sangre
    • we're not blood relations no somos de la misma sangre
    • Experts believe that his father's position helped him to ascend the throne, since there was no royal blood in his family.
    • And although his parents were from Jamaica, James says he has Chinese blood in his family.
    • None but those of German blood may be members of the nation.
    • People still speak in terms of belonging by ‘blood’; a person is seen to have Russian blood, Jewish blood, Armenian blood, or a mixture of ethnic bloods.
    • He was from a mean family, and an ignorant bum, but his friend was from a noble blood.
    • He really makes me believe sometimes he has Mediterranean blood in him!
    • His mother was of Dutch extraction, so he had not a drop of English blood in his veins.
    • They haven't got a drop of Aboriginal blood in their veins.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • I get sick of hearing that because several young players were blooded last year, this must bode well for the comeback.
    • In doing so, they've blooded players of a newer generation, yet many of the old hands were most central to last Sunday's win.
    • They blooded some new players and over the season they provided some wonderful entertainment and brilliant football.
    • He was blooded in national politics as his father's ambassador to the rightwing Christians in the 1992 election.
    • I was politically blooded in the Black Panthers back in 1970 when I was 18.
    • His troops were blooded in putting down a series of Triad risings in Hunan in 1853.
    • I remember at the time there were question marks about him bringing in so many young players, blooding them and getting a Triple Crown out of them.
    • But this year they have blooded some excellent young players who have very bright futures.
    • Generally, I feel that we've made huge strides this year while also blooding a lot of young players.
    • Luke is the ninth new player we have blooded this year.
    • It also affords him an opportunity to blood a number of promising young players.
    • New players have been blooded and a new order established.
    • But we know that the real special people, the people who were blooded in Chechnya and also in Bosnia and in other places, they're here, Larry.
    • Injuries to key players have meant youngsters being blooded probably a bit too early but with experience they can only improve.
    • Smith is also making use of his honeymoon to introduce a controversial rotation system designed to blood a new generation of players.
    • After blooding youth last week four young players have been dropped.
    • Veteran commanders consider any unit that has not been blooded to be unreliable, because even well-trained soldiers can react unpredictably to the horrors of combat.
    • A new generation is being blooded in sectarian hatred.
    • Before becoming full-time terrorists, they were blooded by participation in a shooting or armed robbery used to obtain funds.
    • The Canadians had been blooded in a failed raid further up the coast at Dieppe in 1942, which cost 3,000 casualties.
  • 2

    (hounds) encarnar
    (hounds) encarnizar
    • This relates to the practice of blooding young hounds on fox cubs to whet their appetite for hunting.
    • It was not an uncommon thing to blood hounds, and with regard to the question of cruelty, if they argued from elemental principles, all sport was cruel.
    • Hunters deny that cub-hunting is about blooding of hounds.