Translation of blood-red in Spanish:


teñido de rojo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈblʌdred/

adjective blood red

  • 1

    (sky) teñido de rojo
    (rose) encarnado
    (wine) de color rojo sangre
    • So I was imagining aubergine and blood red - that deep deep rich shiny purple and thick dark red.
    • A deep red glow surrounded her, and her eyes also became deep blood red.
    • The flowers varied in color from blood red to sky blue and from pale yellow to a deep violet.
    • She started work on my make up by applying a dark, particularly blood red lipstick.
    • Her eyes were smudged from her mascara and her blood red lipstick was smudged all over.
    • Her hair was silky raven black with streaks of blonde and blood red.
    • The fact that her eyes too were tinted that same striking blood red.
    • He sits all alone in his study, a vase of blood red roses before him and a book in his hands.
    • The water was dark orange, reflecting the almost blood red hue of the sky above.
    • In the late afternoon light the colours shift constantly, from pink to blood red to mauve.
    • The sky was blood red; the ocean near the city was a deep black color.
    • Apparently most members of the anti-war movement associate every day of the week with a lurid shade of blood red.
    • What my friends and I did was to grow our right pinky finger nails and wear bright blood red nail polish on it.
    • A frantic battle in a forest takes place in a blizzard of autumn gold leaves that eventually turn blood red.
    • Through the mists I gaze at the powerful mountains, turned blood red by the sunset.
    • He followed the road for only a moment before Sarai's blood red car came into view.
    • Behind the counter a wall of dark coursed slate is incised with a slot lined with blood red glass.
    • The woman sitting next to him humphed and drummed her blood red nails on the steering wheel.
    • The front of the card was pure white, but the writing inside was in blood red ink.
    • There was also a dais in the center with a throne carved of jet and adorned with blood red gemstones.