Translation of blood bank in Spanish:

blood bank

banco de sangre, n.


  • 1

    banco de sangre masculine
    • To find out more about donating blood, contact your community hospital or your regional blood bank.
    • A request from the hospital transfusion services to the regional blood bank for assistance was initiated.
    • Initially every industrial country strove to establish its own blood bank and transfusion service.
    • The blood bank also provides transfusion to cancer patients who frequently need it.
    • When the blood bank was notified that emergency issue was desired, the patient's full name and hospital identification number were recorded.
    • Our blood bank cost allocation for a transfusion reaction workup during the study period was $75.
    • The time elapsed for transport of blood from the blood bank to the operating rooms is approximately 50 seconds.
    • Despite all the difficulties in running a hospital in a developing country, the blood bank normally did a remarkably good job.
    • Blood units not transfused are returned to the blood bank.
    • Transfusion history is important and required when a blood specimen is sent to the blood bank for typing and screening or for a cross match.
    • The role of the routine blood bank in providing therapeutic products has changed dramatically within the past five years.
    • The unit should be returned to the blood bank for investigation.
    • If you have questions or would like to give blood, contact your local blood bank or the American Red Cross.
    • A request for two units of packed red blood cells was received by the blood bank.
    • Someone suggested a blood bank in an eastern suburb of the city.
    • He also plays a role in the mobile blood bank that visits town regularly for the Blood Transfusion Service.
    • There will also be testing centres for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and the blood bank will be present.
    • These filters could be used either at the bedside by placing them in the transfusion set or in the blood bank.
    • The hospital may purchase blood from a regional blood bank.
    • Obviously, however, this protocol significantly increases the blood bank workload.