Translation of blood group in Spanish:

blood group

grupo sanguíneo, n.


(blood type)
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    grupo sanguíneo masculine
    what blood group are you? ¿qué grupo sanguíneo tiene?
    • I'm blood group AB positive/negative tengo el grupo sanguíneo AB positivo/negativo
    • Doctors make sure the blood group and tissue are compatible before the operation to establish the likelihood of success, as well as screening for transmittable diseases.
    • Blood cells have certain antigens, like the blood group and the Rhesus factor.
    • He claims the hospital was more concerned about protecting its reputation than trying to find suitable donor organs from a compatible blood group.
    • ABO blood group determines much of the enzyme activity in the tissue (brush-border) of the intestine.
    • A blood stain matching his blood group was discovered on a chair while a fingerprint was found on broken glass.
    • With your agreement, the blood you donate will be tested to find out your blood group and screen for any infection.
    • The Rhesus factor is part of your blood group: everyone is either positive or negative.
    • The donor (the person the healthy liver comes from) must have the same blood group as the recipient and should ideally be under 50 years of age.
    • So her blood group and HIV status remained unknown.
    • His papers tell me his blood group is B +, the same as mine.
    • I was dialysing four times a day and had been told that due to my blood group and tissue type, I was unlikely to obtain a transplant.
    • A woman was on her cell phone and was looking for a person whose blood group was B +. My blood group is B +, so I approached her.
    • Uncross-matched blood means the patient's blood group was not determined in advance of a transfusion.
    • One of the common questions that doctors get asked, after any patient has had a blood test, is ‘What was my blood group?’
    • Recently, we received a call at the blood bank asking us to send donors of a rare blood group to a corporate hospital in Chennai.
    • Preliminary test of a sample of his blood revealed, to his relief, his blood group matched with that of the girl.
    • There is a mini polyclinic where students performing various tests that include blood pressure and blood group.
    • Since my blood group, A-negative, is a rare group, my friend would call me occasionally to help somebody.
    • Unless someone new comes along soon, and probably someone who has the same blood group, I hate to think what will happen to my brother.
    • A database of their blood group will be prepared.