Translation of blood pudding in Spanish:

blood pudding


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    • There have also been borrowings of dishes such as blood pudding and other ways of dealing with pork.
    • This is a traditional event to mark the birth of the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns where they were treated to a range of dishes such as Haggis, Neeps n’ Tatties, Lorne sausage and blood pudding.
    • Blood pudding and blood sausage are folk treatments for fatigue and sluggishness.
    • The extensive menu includes Irish staples such as sausage, bacon and potato casserole, buckets of mussels and breakfasts of blood sausage, fried eggs, bacon and tomato.
    • And right after, through a steady regiment of blood sausage and bacon sandwiches, I lost the weight.
    • Conscripts get to eat blood sausage and mashed potatoes made from dehydrated spuds, sauerkraut from tins and drink chicory coffee.
    • As for Gary, he had liver, string beans, and blood pudding.
    • Guyanese cuisine is not complete without Chinese noodles and chow mein, and black pudding, also called blood pudding, which is served with a tangy hot sauce.
    • His own first kitchen job was collecting blood from a slaughtered pig for blood pudding at the age of 13.
    • I'm off for pickled Danish Cookies in Saurkraut sauce topped off with blood sausage and boiled sweets.
    • Have you ever seen, heard or even tasted blood pudding, which seems a little bit bizarre and even horrible?