Translation of blood vessel in Spanish:

blood vessel

vaso sanguíneo, n.


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    vaso sanguíneo masculine
    • A catheter is a thin, hollow, flexible tube that is gently pushed through the blood vessel towards the coronary arteries.
    • But when a clot forms in or above the knee, there is a risk that it will break away and travel up the vein to block a blood vessel in the lung.
    • Did the bullet penetrate both lungs and exit without striking a major blood vessel in the lung tissue?
    • Very occasionally the clot moves to the lungs and blocks a blood vessel, which is a medical emergency.
    • He was stabbed three times, suffering a fatal wound to the aorta, the major blood vessel from the heart.
    • This is the blood vessel that bypasses a baby's lungs before birth.
    • In these cases, it is possible for air to be introduced directly to a blood vessel from outside the body.
    • However, with any head injury there is a chance that a blood vessel in the brain could have been damaged.
    • As with any injection, the physician should first aspirate to ensure that the needle is not in a blood vessel.
    • Each blood vessel must be closed and reattached to the new area in a process that's meant to last six hours.
    • But blood is only supposed to clot when it is outside a blood vessel.
    • Usually the sample is taken out of a blood vessel in your arm.
    • An ultrasound device then measured how well the blood vessel responded to the sudden increase in flow.
    • When a blood vessel breaks, platelets gather in the area and help seal off the leak.
    • It can be used to close off a blood vessel or remove small growths.
    • The bleeding may occur externally via a wound or an injured blood vessel near the surface, as in a nosebleed.
    • Grypps' knuckles were turning white, and he could feel a blood vessel in his forehead pulsing.
    • As a result, the surgeon decided to dilate the narrowed blood vessel using balloon inflation.
    • His eyes had focused on her throat, sharp vision detecting a blood vessel under the delicate skin.
    • I could tell she was on the edge… if she didn't calm down she could burst a blood vessel!