Translation of bloodless in Spanish:


sin derramamiento de sangre, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈblədləs/ /ˈblʌdləs/


  • 1

    (without bloodshed)
    (coup/revolution) sin derramamiento de sangre
    (coup/revolution) incruento
    • Nowhere is this link between the form and the content of bloodless revolution more recognizable than in Scott's Old Mortality.
    • In three months of daily protests, except for a few instances of arson and the police murdering one protestor, the Black Power revolution was bloodless.
    • But bloodless revolutions have been rather rare in Europe.
    • This was the first bloodless revolution the city, which has been burned down forty times in its history.
    • A bloodless revolution is possible, but only if it's supported by a clear majority of the populace, who are no longer afraid to say what they think for fear of being shot.
    • To paraphrase Jefferson, they can effect a bloodless revolution.
    • According to this morning's papers, ‘This was a bloodless revolution’ and ‘People power prevailed’.
    • Much of this economic merriment can be ascribed to the miracle of our virtually bloodless revolution and the government's macro-economic policy.
    • Landing in France in March 1815, he deposed the Bourbons in a bloodless revolution.
    • Devolution of function from central government to the stronger local units would have involved an intensification of the land value charges at the expense of income taxes - a bloodless revolution!
    • If they had succeeded, it would have been a bloodless revolution, and our lives today might be different and immensely better.
    • The fact that England's revolution was bloodless implicitly grounds his claim that Enlightenment in Britain differed in significant ways from Enlightenment in France.
    • Over 30 countries experienced nearly entirely bloodless revolutions in the span of a few months in 1989-90, and nobody saw it coming.
    • The unusually bloodless conflicts of the past 12 years have made political leaders somewhat risk averse.
    • The October Revolution was carried through in a nearly bloodless coup by the Bolsheviks under the leadership of Lenin.
    • By mid February he had assumed control of the city in a remarkable bloodless coup.
    • Twelve political parties and three coalitions are fielding candidates in the election, organised just six months after a bloodless coup toppled the president.
    • It is the equivalent of a bloodless coup d' état.
    • Britain's class war had been a brief, bloodless skirmish.
    • We need to abandon the fantasy of a bloodless war and get this fight over with, I think.
    • He cut tax rates from 70 to 28 percent, restored our spirit, rebuilt the armed forces into the most formidable the world had ever seen, and led us to bloodless victory in the Cold War.
  • 2

    (lacking vitality)
    (person) sin sangre en las venas
    (person) con sangre de horchata
    (art) sin vida
    • It was mechanical, lifeless, bloodless and monotonous, but the material was brilliant.
    • In their universe all is bland, bloodless, bleached of character.
    • Giving has an emotional component, after all, and most of the new charity sites still feel a bit bland and bloodless.
    • It made him seem rather bloodless, rather passionless.
    • For many, scientific materialism is not a bloodless philosophy but a passionately held ideology.
    • Martha is a bloodless engineer in the kitchen, as well as a disciplinarian in the dining room.
    • Until recently compilations of slave trade statistics have seemed to reduce one of the darkest episodes in world history into a set of abstract and bloodless figures.
    • Neither we nor they seem to understand why this new, bloodless God should even matter.
    • It's cold and bloodless, but efficient and accurate.
    • Her character portraits are cold and bloodless, and her self-conscious literary tone has the musty odor of a vanity-press poetry journal.
    • Which makes it all the more disappointing that the language used by most start-ups is so cold, so bloodless, so calculating.
    • It may be, then, that I have the makings of a soulless, bloodless, heartless academic in me; it may be that I have no moral sense, no conscience, no shame.
    • This woman, this humourless bloodless shambles of a person, was entirely sure that the sign was not open to interpretation by her or anyone else.
    • They weren't cruel people - just bigoted, bloodless and closed-minded.
    • In pictures he appears bloodless and stern, but in the flesh he is surprisingly normal.