Traducción de bloodline en Español:


línea de sangre, n.

Pronunciación /ˈblədˌlaɪn/ /ˈblʌdlʌɪn/


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    línea de sangre femenino
    • If he produces a lot of top quality trial dogs and enters the pedigrees and the major bloodlines of the breed, his genes will be spread throughout the breed.
    • There were all kinds; Appaloosas, Palominos, Arabs, Thoroughbreds, all with true bloodlines and all fine animals worth plenty of money.
    • He researched the breed and was a frequent visitor to France where he visited shows, sales and farms, following up bloodlines, pedigrees and progeny.
    • The two animals she bought contributed to the bloodlines of herds throughout the country.
    • Lifestyle farmers can make a big contribution to safeguarding and developing good bloodlines within the breed.
    • Some of the most vicious bloodlines bred by fighters produce dogs worth thousands of dollars each.
    • We had some Arabian horses out there and it was some of the same bloodlines that he breeds.
    • You also may want to check the horse's bloodline if you will be breeding the horse.
    • Some breeds and certain bloodlines within breeds are friendlier and more adaptable to training because they were bred to be that way.
    • For centuries, the whole thoroughbred breeding industry was based on bloodlines originating in Epsom Derby winners.
    • The bulls are specially bred fighting bulls, usually from the same bloodline and are not less than four years old with a weight somewhere between 500 and 800 kilos.
    • Or do you want to delve into pedigrees, to find the classic mix of bloodlines that herald the ultimate racehorse.
    • The also agreed to train and race him since his bloodlines are so good.
    • Since then they have improved the breed using French shorthorn and imported bloodlines from Canada and Australia to obtain better carcase quality.
    • Untrained, they can be domineering, independent and reserved, especially when bred from working bloodlines - show lines tend to be calmer and more subdued.
    • Selective breeding to improve the bloodlines of carp has led to the king carp that we see today.
    • Under the new breeding program, dogs with the same bloodlines would be purchased from Europe every 2-3 years.
    • The stud isn't too far away from home and the livery side of things interest me too, which involves learning about the breeding aspect as well as the horses bloodlines.