Translation of bloodshed in Spanish:


derramamiento de sangre, n.

Pronunciation /ˈblədˌʃɛd/ /ˈblʌdʃɛd/


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    derramamiento de sangre masculine
    • Fresh troops arrived in the city throughout the day, triggering fears of further bloodshed.
    • The bloodshed has sparked fears that the violence could worsen ahead of the elections.
    • Ignoring his instincts, Hopkins then rides away as the slaughter and bloodshed begins.
    • As tragic as the violence up to now has been, even more tragic is the fact that murder and bloodshed continue.
    • The local people, he said, were more firm in their resolution to end violence and bloodshed.
    • After all, life is all about sharing and caring and not violence and bloodshed.
    • It will also echo back through 2,500 years of bloodshed justified by the sway of good over evil.
    • Charle though has decided to call it a day, the endless violence and bloodshed has become too much.
    • Violence is rare but once started often escalates quickly to bloodshed and serious injury.
    • My head is spinning wildly with images of bloodshed and violence.
    • It has become synonymous over the years with bloodshed and murder.
    • People are pretty fed up with this fear and this intimidation, and the straight out bloodshed.
    • I just ran off in the opposite direction, desperate to get away from the battle and bloodshed as fast as I could.
    • Martial law was imposed to avoid bloodshed as rebels battled with police and the military.
    • In many parts of the world it often leads to violent confrontation and much bloodshed.
    • The voting took place against a backdrop of bloodshed, with at least 44 people killed by suicide bombs.
    • Who acts on the principle that violence, force and the threat of bloodshed are worthy tools of diplomacy?
    • If a party in power governs badly, it should be possible to remove it without bloodshed.
    • How much he strong to do as much as possible to stop the continuity of bloodshed.
    • He criticised martial law but warned of bloodshed and civil war, counselling patience rather than defiance.