Translation of bloodshot in Spanish:


rojo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈblədˌʃɑt/ /ˈblʌdʃɒt/


  • 1

    (eye) rojo
    (eye) inyectado de sangre
    • Emily's blue eyes were bloodshot and swollen, meaning she had been crying of late.
    • I can see their kind, bloodshot eyes, their rumpled hair, their stubbly chins.
    • One man from a group of five set upon his three victims, leaving one in need of hospital treatment and another with a bruised and bloodshot eye.
    • The only indication of her emotional distress was the tint of her bloodshot eyes.
    • The man was left with a bloodshot eye and injuries to both knees.
    • She said the inspector suffered a bruised cheek and a bloodshot eye.
    • If you are reading this for the first time through bloodshot eyes on Thursday then the outlook is good.
    • Addicts roam the streets with bloodshot eyes, wild hair and cupped palms.
    • He had blurred vision for much of the first half and was left with a bloodshot eye and bruising to his face.
    • Another symptom is seeing a halo around a light, or having a painful bloodshot eye.
    • His eyes were slightly bloodshot and she could tell bags were forming under his eyes from lack of sleep.
    • Alex just glared, trying not to soften when he saw her disheveled clothes and bloodshot eyes.
    • A quick look into her bloodshot eyes with their dilated pupils confirms my suspicions.
    • His head is resting on his left hand, his eyes are bloodshot.
    • His eyes were bloodshot and his teeth were stained a light yellow, due to months of not cleaning them.
    • He obviously was having trouble keeping his balance, and his eyes were bloodshot.
    • His bloodshot eyes and less awareness proved that he was indeed sleep deprived.
    • His bloodshot eyes admired the clouds, their gentle and roaming cotton wool shapes.
    • Her mascara had made black rivers down her cheeks and her eyes were bloodshot.
    • She lifted her head and revealed her bloodshot eyes and her tearstained cheeks.